Saturday, November 5, 2016


The amazing story of friendship Amur tiger and goat Timur in the Primorsky park safari continues. On the eve of the animals at the request of the public, who fear for the life of a goat, seated in different cages.As a result, the Amur night roared from loneliness, and friends were allowed to walk again together.
Earlier it was reported that the goat as the production has placed in the enclosure to the Amur tiger Amur, but the predator did not eat it because the goat, later nicknamed Timur, showed courage and rebuffed. As a result, animals, friends, and the goat, taking the tiger by the leader, began to follow him everywhere, and took berth tiger, the Amur which he graciously conceded a stay at the top of the booth.
Tigers Primorsky safari park are in the program for breeding tigers in captivity, and this program requires to give the tigers every week live feed. During the three years of the Amur ate a lot of rabbits and goats, but Timur did not touch them.
According to the representative of the safari park, the breeding of animals for animal predator is practiced in many zoos, and at least once a week predators get a live feed. This is done not out of zhivodёrskih motives, but to ensure the long-term health of predators. Cupid, as before, gets 2 times a week live prey - rabbits, goats, he decided not to give any more.
2015 - the year of the goat on the Chinese calendar. Perhaps Cupid such a friendly attitude to Timur decided to celebrate the completion of this "goat" of the year.
Ensure the further development of this extraordinary story possible on  site  Primorsky Safari Park.

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