Saturday, August 1, 2015

Picture Of The Month

The concept car Toyota Fun-Vii Tokyo Motor Show. The body of this car chameleon can display any colors and images. So you can at least every day to change the look of the car.
 F1 driver Bruno Senna from Brazil will test your car on the track in Sao Paulo masked stranger.
 At the ceremony of the FIFA World kabaddi (?) In the Indian Lyudhiane.
Voting at home - workers visit the polling station to the village electorate.
Second democratic presidential elections in the Congo. The current president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Joseph Kabange leaves the polling station under the protection of gunmen.
The process of propagation of ash from an underwater volcano off the coast of the Spanish island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands.
Sea of ​​Blood. The annual mass slaughter of dolphins, pilot whales on Arerskih Islands.
Firewood from cow manure. The village near Allahabad, India
Man-condom shares on the occasion of World AIDS Day in Seoul.
The effects of Hurricane Santa Ana, California
Every year in Tel Aviv carried out "Race down the stairs", which attracts hundreds of participants. This time the runners had to overcome in 1144 the stairs in the tower Adrieli.
Swiss pilot and inventor Yves Rossy (Yves Rossy), also known as Jetman, in flight on his laptop rekativnom plane.
Junket lemurs in the zoo of San Francisco on Thanksgiving Day.
Sandwiches with kanapley hemp Cannafest Festival 2011 in Prague.
The tunnel to transport drugs into the United States. Tijuana, Mexico.
New York artist Mira Kim pigs within the art installation "I like pigs, and pigs, as I have." 
22-year-old Chinese bride has decided to throw out the window because of the Coop with her fiance.The last time it was saved. 
Protesters against the transport of radioactive waste from France to Germany blocked the railway on which followed the train of waste.
The action against Femen "pocket" opposition Yatsenyuk on his rally.
Aborigines meet Elizabeth II during her visit to Australia.
Jennifer Lopez and rapper Pitbull on the American Music Awards. 
Christmas installation near the Rockefeller Center in New York.
The construction of Europe's largest solar power plant on a former military airfield in Finofurte, Germany.
"Galactic Rose" - a strange combination of the two galaxies photographed using the Hubble Space Telescope

For nearly a month the homeless dog, nicknamed "Yakut Hachiko," does not leave a place for enterprise garages in Yakutsk, where the death of his friend-like. Over the week, he tried to warm and guarded okachenevshy corpse of a dog, despite the 40-degree frost and trying to make it go away. When at last the dog was buried, Hachiko was put in an aviary Fund for Animal Welfare, but he ran away from there and screwed into place.
Newborns 5 santimitrovye Young African African Spurred Tortoise, one of the largest tortoises.
Lunar eclipse in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.
18-year-old student from India Jyoti Amge, rising 63 centimeters, was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest woman alive.
The police of one of the most conservative provinces of Indonesia punks shaved 65 detained at a rock concert.
Atmospheric phenomenon of "Kelvin-Helmholtz instability" in the vicinity of Alabama (USA).
In the Okhotsk Sea, 200 kilometers from the island of Sakhalin in a storm capsized floating drilling platform "Kola", which was 76 people. It is currently known about the 19 dead, the rest of others are missing. 
Activists of the NGO "Anima Naturalis" promote vegetarianism in central Barcelona.
Etibar Elche Tbilisi set a world record for the biological magnetism primagnitiv to his body 50 metal spoons.
After a successful operation, during which the police were able to take control of Rosina slums in Rio de Janeiro, the authorities decided to repaint some of the houses in expressive color.
Pilgrim at the festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City. Every year, the pilgrimage to the Temple of Our Lady of Guadalupe make about 14 million. People. 
Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.
At the World Championships in ski jumping in Engelberg, Switzerland. 
Judges watch the jumpers in similar competitions in Seefeld, Austria.
Picturesque winter in the German Black Forest.
The leader died. December 17 70th year of life died North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. The new "great leader" of the state was his youngest son - Kim Jong-un. 
The last US troops leave Iraq. In total, during the war in Iraq killed nearly 4,500 US soldiers and 100 to 200 thousand. (According to various sources) Iraqis.
Walrus Krasnoyarsk on the Yenisei. 
Guatemalan firefighter Hector Chacon dressed as Santa Claus goes down from the bridge in Guatemala City with gifts for the children living in the poorer area under the bridge.
Thousands of bikers participating in the Big Texas Toy Run - an annual charity event in Texas biker razvozyaschih toys to needy children.
Christmas installation at the central square in Ljubljana (Slovenia).
The park Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, Brazil
The world's highest Christmas tree at Lake Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio de Janeiro. The height of 85 meters (comparable to the 29-storey building), the weight of 542 tons of steel structure. Every night on the tree light up 3 million. Bulbs.
In weightlifting unfeminine face. At the competition in South Florida.
Action Femen front of the Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow, under the slogan "God, king drive!"
Three-month baby elephant makes his first trip to the zoo in Munich.
Santa brought gifts crocodiles on crocodile farm in the Philippines.
A rally against election fraud in Bolotnaya Square on 10 December. 
According to various reports the event was visited by 20 thousand. (Police version) up to 120 thousand. People (organizers of the rally version). Following a similar meeting is scheduled for December 24 at Sakharov Avenue.
Similar events were held in many Russian and foreign cities. A rally in front of the Russian Embassy in Madrid.
Published in the journal "Kommersant - Vlast" picture ballot, because of which the owner of the publishing house "Kommersant" Alisher Usmanov dismissed chief editor Maxim Kowalski and general director of ZAO "Kommersant-Holding" Andrei Galiev.
Thousands of vehicles stuck on the 15-kilometer stretch of highway near Los Angeles as a result of fire tanker. Fortunately no one was hurt.  
Lindsay Lohan once again in court and on the cover of Playboy.
Historical reconstruction in Bangladesh on the anniversary of independence from Pakistan.
The latest victim of an acid attack in Pakistan - Azim Mai (35) and her daughter Shazia (8 years). My husband doused her with acid Azim, because she refused to sell into slavery in Dubai two sons.
Greenpeace Protest against transport of toxic waste from Italy to Spanish nerves.
Ice Ball at the festival of ice and snow sculptures in Bruges, Belgium.
Discovered during archaeological excavations in Lancashire (England) Viking bracelet belonging to the 9th century. 
4 people were killed and 123 injured in a suicide attack in the Belgian Lezhe. 33-year-old Nordin Amrani, armed with assault rifles and grenades attacked visitors to the fair in the city center. Following the terrorist attacks committed suicide. 
Nomadic herders nomadic herd of Rajasthan on the outskirts of New Delhi in India. Such herds distilled over long distances.
Coal Chinese. Operating mines Huaibei in Anhui selected pieces of gravel from coal.
Activists of the animal rights are a dead animal in the protest against the cruel treatment of animals in Madrid.
The riots in Kazakh Zhanaozen. According to various estimates killed 11 to 20 people, 90 were injured. In the city of the state of emergency.
A new wave of protests in Egypt. The clashes of protesters and the military involved to disperse them, in Tahrir Square in Cairo on December 17, nine people were killed and over 300 injured.
Protester - man of the year according to Time.
The lawyer of Yulia Tymoshenko Mykola Siry flies over the fence, blocked by police to attend a court hearing on the appeal of Tymoshenko.
Traditional bridal makeup bride in a mountainous Muslim village Ribnovo in Bulgaria.
Greedy crow.
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