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Portrait of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, which is stored in the Louvre (left), and a copy discovered in Madrid's Prado Museum, which, as it turned out, was written at the same time one of the original disciples of Leonardo.
Synchronous drive 145 persons on water skis in Australia
Snowy forest in the nature reserve of the Harz (Germany).
On rabbit Olympiad "Rabbit Grand National" in London on the eve of the Summer Olympic Games 2012 to be held in the same place.
A graduate of the International School in Berne, the youngest head of state in the world, "the heir to the great", "brilliant comrade" and "genius among geniuses in military strategy," Kim Jong-un during a visit to a military unit in North Korea.
76-year-old resident of the village are right Krasnoyarsk Krai Viktor Gavenko makes the next campaign for clean snow, which he and his wife drowned on the stove to get water for themselves and the animals. In summer, the water drag from the creek 300 meters from the house. Other sources of water are not near.
Winter on Mars. Photos made by NASA's Mars rover in the north of the red planet.
The famous golfer Luke Donald on the Abu Dhabi tournament golf in the desert.
Caravans from the salt mines of Lake Asela in Ethiopia
Hindu ascetic sadhu bathes in the Ganges on the mass Magh Mela religious festival in India.
Indian border guards on parade on the occasion of the Republic Day in New Delhi.
Take off thousands of lanterns in the Loy Krathong religious festivals in Thailand
Rock paintings in Papua New Guinea since ancient times applied Aboriginal cave walls with their hands and paint the clay. In other cases, instead of paint used blood spilled during the initiation ceremonies of young men. 
Italian town Asyago Plateau, situated on a hill in the fog.
The massacre at Port Said. At the end of a football match in Port Said (Egypt) between the local football club Al-Masry and Cairo Al-Ahly fans of the home fans attacked the guests. As a result, according to official figures, 74 people were killed and 248 were hospitalized. According to local media reports, the victims much more.
Illegal mining of coal in the Indian village of Bokapahari
During the rescue of abandoned pets from the 20-kilometer exclusion zone around nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1"
Naked protest Slovak deputies from the liberal party SaS against parliamentary immunity.
An employee of the zoo in Hanover (Gernmaniya) produces treatments elephant named Dinkar
Bright northern lights in Norway, which became the result of solar flares.
Pakistani customs officials destroyed 300 kg of heroin, 1280 kg of hashish and 770 bottles of alcohol.
Sochi covered with snow.
The same in Kabul.
Residential buildings in the historic center of Freudenberg, Germany
The leading candidate for the presidential election Francois Hollande was sprinkled with flour during a speech. However, performance is not interrupted.
500 boys in suits of Mahatma Gandhi on the march of civil rights, Calcutta, India. 
modern Art. The installation by the Italian artist Maurizio Castellana at the Guggenheim Museum. New York, USA. 
Street tailor in the Indian capital.
At the meeting of physicians in Upper Ufaley (Chelyabinsk Region)
At the rally for fair elections, "White Ring". Hello headed Putin's campaign headquarters Stanislav Govorukhin. 
Activists of the movement "Solidarity" poster hung in front of the Kremlin area of ​​140 square meters with the slogan "Putin, go away" and website address reports about Putin.
 "Knitted" house in the village Destne (Czech Republic)
Once in the North. Polar Bears on a drifting ice floe. Olga Strait, Svalbard Archipelago.
Camp climbers. Great Sail Peak, Baffin Island.
Feminists in Kuwait.
Fire descends on the cruise liner Costa Concordia
Youth against seals
The church not far from the Swiss Davos.
Volker Kraft decorates a tree 10,000 of Easter eggs. Volker and his wife every year, decorate the trees in his garden with thousands of colored Easter eggs.
In the near future in Dubai plans to build a skyscraper in the form of an unusual crescent - Crescent Moon Tower ("Tower Crescent"). Vzdanii will host a children's library, conference hall, shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as viewing platforms.
In the photo at the Center of Education Lesson number 166 in Lianozovo. Right - robot "Erbot" present in the classroom instead of 9-grader Zhenya, who because of illness for several years can not attend school, and controls the robot from home via the Internet. Through the eyes of cameras, he sees the teacher and the board through the speakers to answer his questions.
As part of the annual wedding fair in Bucharest was using balloon itself demonstrated a long wedding dress in the world, more than 2 km long, which lasted for tailoring 4700 meters of matter.
Kenya: Masai warrior listens to the African elephant.
Committee on Culture. Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Culture, Stanislav Govorukhin, a member of the State Duma Committee for Culture Maria Maria Maksakova and first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture Iosif Kobzon at a plenary session of the State Duma.
Fog in London
Kitten on a deserted city street Peleas de Abajo in Spain.
Funeral NTV. More than 1,000 people came on Sunday at a spontaneous rally in Ostankino television center to protest against lies on NTV. Several dozens of people detained by the police, but to disrupt the rally it did not succeed, and in general he passed without incident. 
Udaltsov and cookies provided by the Department of State for participation in a rally at Ostankino.
George Clooney and his journalist father Nick Clooney were arrested for disobeying the order of the ministers during a protest at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, aimed at drawing attention to humanitarian crises and war crimes in the country.
Parody Dog Lhasa named Elizabeth with his reward for winning the "Best of the Best" in the dog show in Birmingham. 
Kumba Yala - presidential candidate in Guinea-Bissau.
Six-month golden possum at Sydney zoo. In the wild, these animals are very rare, found only in Tasmania.
Life on the toilet. For the past 6 years, the family lived in a closet Lingjun a hotel in the Chinese city of Shenyang. In 1999, 20-year-old country boy Zeng Lingjun entered the Mining School in Heilongjiang Province. However, his parents were unable to pay for his studies of 5,000 yuan a year ($ 794) and not survival rates, Zeng went to Shenyang from 50 yuans in his pocket in search of work and a better life.In 2006 he married, and then stood in front of a young family housing problem. Filming ordinary apartment in the city they could not afford. A friend suggested that one s an hotel men's room, which is not used for its intended purpose, and that you can lease. 
The most complete woman in the UK, 33-year-old Susan Eman, which weighs 343 kilograms has married.Susan wants to become the fattest woman in the history of mankind. To help in that it is ready to her fiancé, 35-year-old Clark Parker worked as a chef. According to Clark, it supports Susan in her desire to become a very large woman, because it makes her happy. 
Australia hit by heavy rains that led to flooding of vast areas of New South Wales. Thousands of spiders fled from the arriving water, leaving behind a spider web. Braided web of fields, trees and fences are surreal. Local residents complain about the impossibility of movement in some areas: a flock of small spiders crawl on feet of passers-by in search of hills.
Sakura blossoms. Washington
In the Tom River flood began blasting (Tomsk Region)
Indian farmer carries cucumbers to market in Allahabad.
Chinese Xu Tyanchen takes stand on a nail, using the internal energy of "chi".
Find a farmer. An Afghan farmer to work in a field near a US military base in Jalalabad. 
Laser projection "Global Rainbow," a New York artist Yvette Mattern in the sky over Newtownards in Northern Ireland.
Friendly strangulation. Spain's Economy Minister Luis de Guindos and Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, the Eurogroup summit in Brussels.
Southern aurora captured from the ISS
Suphan Huang Chinese woman from the village of the Yangtze in the vicinity of Guangzhou, as if nothing had happened back home from work. Arriving at the place, the house she discovered. It was demolished by mistake builders. Village Yangtze fell in the fight against the metropolis of territorial space. Thousands of homes in the village went under demolition. The house where Juan lived Suphan not included in the plan of the demolition, but his accident was liquidated. 
Consequences of tornadoes in Townsville in northern Australia.
Smokescreen, formed as a result of a strong fire in Yuma County, Colorado, USA. As a result, the county had to cut off federal highway number 34. 
Presentation of the robo-glove Human Grasp Assist, also known as K-Glove and Robo-Glove, developed by General Motors and NASA. Gloves are designed for auto mechanics and astronauts - it can significantly increase the strength of the human hands and protect them from damage.
Model race car the size of a grain of sand, printed on the bullet of 3D-printers in Vienna.
At an annual parade in honor of the Hindu holiday Nyepi in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Participant of action on animal rights "Day Without Meat" event in Barcelona, ​​Spain. 
Installation at Kensington Palace, which was once the official residence of Princess Diana in London.
Member manga cosplay at the International Book Fair in Leipzig, Germany.
Skirmish pelicans and dolphins in New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Dynamo Kiev fans at a football match in Kiev.
Smoke and ash from Mount Etna on the east coast of Sicily. Etna - the highest active volcano in Europe.
The Technopark Volkswagen Autostadt in Wolfsburg
Already familiar to you by a previous compilation Slovak Batman fighting with garbage in the town of Dunajska Streda.
Rabbit treats snowdrops on a spring meadow. Siversdorf, Germany
At the wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace on April 29. Funny girl dissatisfied with present on the photos, has become a popular online memom.
The tsunami in Miyako city, Iwate Prefecture in northeastern Japan after the 9-magnitude earthquake off the coast of the country on the 11th of March. The earthquake was the strongest ever were in Japan. Killed about 16 000 people.
Eruption of Puyehue (Puyehue) in the south of Chile, June 5th. A huge cloud of ash has led to the evacuation of 3,500 people and paralyzed air traffic over a large territory. 
As a result of severe storms and tornadoes in Alabama (USA) in late April, killing more than 200 people and destroyed hundreds of homes. In the small town of Pleasant Grove near Birmingham two people survived, hiding in the closet (see photo). The house was completely destroyed. 
Love scene in Vancouver during the riots after the loss of the local NHL team, "Vancouver Canucks" decisive match for the Stanley Cup on 16 June. The heroine of the frame, Canadian Alex Thomas, a policeman knocked the ground and she was on the verge of hysteria, and her boyfriend, Australian Scott Jones, decided to reassure her so.
Something like a road in Mijoux, France
It is not entirely successful removal of the wild leopard Indian village Prakash Nagar June 19. Beast accidentally wandered into the village and injured several people, and then several employees of wood protection, trying to catch him. When you capture the leopard himself was seriously injured and later died in a veterinary center.
Flooded during the flood cars in the factory Honda in Thailand. November 14th
Lethal falling stuntman Todd Green after a failed stunt at an air show in the Township (Michigan), is to move from a plane without insurance in a helicopter. 
Supermoon March 21 in Glastonbury, England.
Bulk water voodoo ceremony in Haiti. April 26
"sea Horse". Bathing off the coast of Malta racehorse.
Sculpture artist and sculptor Lorenzo Quinn with classic cars of the Fiat 500 (prototype "humpbacked" "Zaporozhets") for the festival of sculptures in London. The sculpture is called "Vroom Vroom" (in honor of the British automotive television show).
The last flight of space shuttle "Endeavour" on the Earth's orbit on May 16. On July 21, 2011 the program "Space Shuttle" was officially closed.
In memory of the Japanese Fukushima.
October 5 oil container Rena, which went under the flag of Liberia, ran aground off the coast of New Zealand, which led to the oil spill and ecological disaster.
Local livestock had to catch and wash the oil, as it glues animal fur and feathers, leading to their death.One of the rescued penguins in the water tank.
 7-month-old Mihag Gedi Farah - a victim of the drought in Kenya, one of the local hospitals. July 26
Obama presses bionic prosthesis Sergeant Leroy Petry, while awarding him the Medal of Honor. Leroy lost his arm during a military operation in Afghanistan, to save his colleagues.
A scene from the South Sudan - one of the poorest countries in the world that has experienced many years of war and violence.
The hero of the Greek protests - sausage dog (Loukanikos), taking active part in them since 2008.
Egyptians found themselves overnight RV tank in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the February protests that led to the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who held the post for nearly thirty years. 
22-year-old bride in the Chinese Changchun decided to commit suicide by jumping from a window after the bride threw her on the eve of the wedding. She managed to save.
Light but not heat. Glowing face of Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang night. October 5
Caught while trying to escape the Mexican inmate Juan Ramirez Tijerina, intending to leave the prison in a suitcase with the help of his wife, who had come out on a date.
Prepares for the launch balloon in the form of the head of Darth Vader during the Balloon Festival in the Philippines on February 10. 
Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik organizers and perpetrators of the explosion in the center of Oslo and an attack on a youth camp on the island of Utøya, as a result of which 77 people were killed and 97 injured. It was recognized as paranoid schizophrenia patients, and therefore spared from the responsibility and sent for compulsory treatment. Police did not rule out the possibility that Breivik had accomplices: the survivors on the island reported seeing another man, shoot people. 
Tribute in Light - the annual memorial light installation in New York on the site of the destroyed World Trade Center towers in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001. 
X-rays on the border of Mexico and the United States in Tuxtla Gutierrez showed the presence of a wagon bound for the United States, 513 deserters, many of whom were badly dehydrated after several hours of traveling in a hot and stuffy space. According to unconfirmed reports, each of the unfortunate immigrants paid $ 7,000 for travel. May 18
Burning decker bus set on fire during the riots in London on 6 August. Two days earlier, police shot and killed 29-year-old Mark Deggana, which led to protests, poured out into riots with burning and looting shops. Five people were killed, the damage amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars.
American sergeant Rulberto Qjendismiranda smorit pictured her 11-month-old son on a mobile phone during a military transport flight in Afghanistan.
Kitten, photographed on the border between Turkey and Syria, nicknamed Kitler - from kitten (kitten) and Hitler (Hitler).
Conjoined twins Tatiana and Krista Hogan with fused heads and shared brain. Vernon, Canada.
Dog's loyalty. Labrador retriever Hawkeye beside the coffin of his master, the pilot Tamilsona John, who died in August of Afghanistan. 
Pope Benedict II visits the new site with the help of the Vatican aypada.
On the river in North Adelaide Australian tourists tickle nerves periodically protruding from the water a giant saltwater crocodile Brutus, whom they fed meat. Brutus missing one paw. According to legend, he lost it in a fight with a shark.
Libyan rebels during the battle for Sitra, the last stronghold of the Gaddafi regime, while taking that on October 20 he will be killed. 
A resident of the coastal village of Navotas Philippines is trying to save their possessions during a typhoon Nesat that killed 83 people.
July 24 in New York State were officially allowed gay marriage. In the photo to paint the first gay couple - workers of City Hall in New York, John Feynblat and Jonathan Mintz and his daughters at their wedding. 
Obama and his family on a background of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. March 25
Washington Kirk Zach Burroughs, who became the hero of numerous fotozhab, struck on the ice during a January blizzard. 
Rally "For Fair Election" on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow on 24 December.
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