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Few people know that Disney had to mortgage his house to finance the production of one of his cartoons.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Walt Disney was forced to mortgage his house to finance the production of the animated film, which cost $ 1,448,422 74. It was a huge amount for a full-length feature film in 1937.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is still considered to be the highest grossing animated film of all time.

Another amusing thing in the movie - a blush of Snow White. The fact is that back in 1937 was not yet technologies that would make such a natural blush and subtle.

It turns out that Snow White looked more natural, animators used their blush. When Disney asked one artist, as she manages to properly apply blush on Snow White, she replied: "And what do you think, girls are engaged in all my life?".

Cold heart


The scene in which Elsa goes to the balcony of his new ice palace consists of 218 personnel, including the longest frame rendering which was very time consuming. For a full treatment of only one frame of the scene it took more than 132 hours (5 days).

The Princess and the Frog


Prince Naveen was deliberately conceived without a certain race. In the cartoon, he was from the "maldonite" a fictional country.



This short surrealistic cartoon, shot in the Walt Disney Company, is a unique product of the two geniuses - Walt Disney and Salvador Dali. Initially, his production began in 1945 and ended only 58 years later.

Six heroes


Already soon will premiere a new animated feature "six heroes", based on the Marvel comic book publishing and filmed at the studio Walt Disney Pictures. Action will take place in the fictional town of San Frantsokio (a combination of two words "Tokyo" and "San Francisco").

The Lion King


In Swahili, "Simba" means "lion."



The scene at the very beginning of the film, where a street vendor offers the viewer a product has been created as follows: Robin Williams voiced the merchant (also voiced by Gina), resulted in the recording studio, which was a box with various objects covered with a blanket. Then turn on the microphone, the veil lifted, and Williams began to describe the objects that the first time in my life seen. Cartoon is very popular in both children and adults.
Between traders and Gene may notice some similarities beards, eyebrows and chetyrёhpaloy hands.

The beauty and the Beast


Glen Keane, animator with 38 years of experience, worked on the creation of the image beast. As a result, it has a hybrid animal with a mane of a lion, a buffalo skull and beard, nose and wild boar tusks, gorilla forehead, legs and tail of a wolf and a bear bulky body. Recently, in an interview with Glen Keane he admitted that he "was a multi-colored monsters ass, but no one knew about it except for Belle."

At the beginning of the cartoon on the first stained glass windows depicting the prince, symbolic phrase written in Latin: «Vincit qui se vincit», which means "The one who conquers himself."

The Little Mermaid


Ursula was the prototype stage image of the American singer and actor-transvestite Devine.

Cartoon was the last Disney feature-length animated film, which was drawn by hand, and in which the applied analog camera. About 1,000 different colors have been used for 1100 backgrounds. The whole was made over one million picture.

The image of the Little Mermaid also worked Glen Keane. Thanks to him, from the cartoon did not cut the Little Mermaid song "Part of your world". Herself Ariel Glenn drew with his wife Linda. Later his daughter Claire became the prototype Rapunzel.

Still, where Ariel runs to the light through the opening of his grotto, it was the last scene, the work of multipliers. It took four attempts to obtain the desired optical effects

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