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Sorcerers and magicians from all over Africa flock to Akodessevu, place in Togo, where there is the biggest market in the world of magical voodoo ritual accessories.
Anyone here can find everything you need to restore damage, curses and terrible curses that can raise the dead out of the ground and causing untold suffering alive. 
Originally magical practices voodoo in West Africa. Residents of Togo, Ghana and Nigeria still believe in the magical effect of rituals. Many people believe that you can heal and solve all their problems with the help of the strange talismans or chopped to pieces by wild animals. Arm yourself with the materials for their rituals of voodoo adepts come to the world's largest market in Akodessevu, near Lome, capital of Togo.
Outdoors there are numerous series with frightening item: bones, herbs, potions, the severed heads of wild animals, paws and other things that did not fit in with traditional medicine.
Although the distance is an eerie place may seem a wasteland into a cloud of dust, as you approach you will notice the long wooden tables, counters, which are laid out piles of heads, tails, pull off the skin and other limbs of animals.
Vendors will offer you to buy a severed monkey paw for good luck or gazelle hoof, and if you pass, you will whisper to you after voodoo incantations.
This is a crazy place! And the local tradesmen know how vparit you anything, at least one souvenir. You do not want to be cursed?
According to market roam hundreds of people and everyone has a problem to be solved. Childless couples are looking for a miracle cure for infertility, soccer goalie looking for strength and dexterity in his hands, to do wonders in the upcoming match, looking for endurance runners for the marathon ... and they want help from voodoo.
As a rule, they are invited to a black powder with questionable ingredients, which they rubbed himself in the part of the body that they want to "pump". Treatment starts on the spot. The seller makes a three deep cuts on the chest or on the back, but this time we rub themselves with diligence healing powder.Many people say that it helps.
Even if you're not into voodoo, the market Akodessevy'll find yourself head to stuffed hyena or buy a souvenir statuette of magic for wealth, or acquire a talisman for good luck. There is also a large selection of smoking mixtures and herbs, which are very popular among tourists. After smoking some kind of herbs you indulges in "trip".
Most people see their future. Impressions are so realistic that virtual reality is just sophomoric compared to voodoo.
Dried tea battleship.
So that's where Barker took the idea of ​​Pinhead
The altars of voodoo

In many countries where there is International Labour Day on May 1 it became a symbol of unsuccessfully fighting for the rights of workers. This date is often declare a holiday and the streets of the city hosts the solemn procession. Meanwhile, dozens of the poorest countries in the workers and peasants can not dream of defending their rights. Despite the fact that they have to work hard for a year, their incomes are the lowest in the world. 
A boy sells boiled rats in Malawi
A resident of Malawi working in the field
A police officer in the Democratic Republic of Congo
A refugee in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Work plant for the production of quinine in the Democratic Republic of Congo
A resident of Burundi at a rally ahead of the presidential election
Refugees in Burundi
A resident of the Niger with the party drug
Niger farmer watering lettuce
Child begging in Niger
The capital of Liberia, Monrovia
Poster in Liberia, warning about the inadmissibility of rape
Underwear on the unfinished building of the Ministry of National Defence of Liberia
A resident of the CAR keeps mined diamonds
Skull hoof in an abandoned South African base in CAR
Workers made bricks in CAR
Madagaskarets in improvised mines sapphires
Children in Madagascar catch locusts that eat after
Collectors salt in Ethiopia
A boy drinks from a puddle on the border of Ethiopia and Kenya
Ethiopians waiting for humanitarian aid
Counting of votes in the presidential elections in Gambia. Voters consider using marbles
Employees of the polling station during the presidential elections in the Gambia
A resident of Guinea near his home
Guinean fisherman mending net
Somali refugee is building a temporary hut
Somali fish swordfish
Slums in Sierra Leone
Gold miners in Sierra Leone
Tinman in Eritrea
Eritrean farmer
Rat meat can easily be enjoyed in restaurants in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is considered a delicacy in the south of the country for the past many years. For local farmers hunting for rats - a good opportunity for additional income. The most productive season for rat hunting in the Mekong Delta is the flood season when the rats to escape from the water, crawl out of burrows. One kilogram of rat meat worth 100,000 VND or $ 5 dollars. Earlier rat meat was popular among peasants living on the south of Vietnam, the Red River Delta and the Mekong, but now booming "krysoedeniya" swept other regions.
The farmer sets traps for rats.
Catch the rat break off the front teeth.
The hunt for rats in full swing. 
Rats pre-cooked and then scraped wool.
Preparation of rat carcasses in the fire. 
Sale of rat meat on the market on the outskirts of Hanoi.


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