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This picturesque track is located in the northwest of India, and connects the city of Leh to Jammu and Kashmir. Road condition terrible. It is hard to imagine how her oncoming cars are leaving. Compounding the situation is that the track runs at an altitude of 3529 meters. Fans of extreme and active travel is not always dare to such a rise, and many Indian drivers have to travel this road daily.

Let's take a ride on it and see for yourself ...

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The pass is the second highest in India. People do not live there, and vice versa animals feel comfortable in the highlands. As we approach the Ladakh landscapes are becoming increasingly deserted, contrasting with the green paint of Kashmir.

It often happens that one side of the pass the sun is shining, and the other for several days continuously pouring rain. The road to the pass is narrow and one-sided, so the trucks can not go immediately to both parties. A few hours drive through there, and the next few back.

Season opening of the road is at the end of May and ends in late October, sometimes depending on the weather be extended for a couple of weeks. At any time, the pass from 16.00 to 4.00 am is closed.

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Zoji La (Hindi ज़ोजि ला or ज़ोजिदर्रा) - vysokiypereval in India, located on the highway between Srinagar and 1D Lech in the western Himalayas. Vangliyskom yazykeego sometimes called "Pass Zodzhila" but rather "perevalZoldzhi" or "Zoji La", "La" pass-Indicates naladakhi. Vsovremenny hindiupotreblenie 'la' (ला) and 'Darr' (दर्रा) meets dlyaoboznacheniyaperevala then estladakhskoe slovovoshlo in Hindi.

Pass 9 km from Sonamarga and plays an important role in traveling from Kashmir to Ladakh. Naperevale road rises to 3528, and on-Lehskom Srinagar highway is the second highest mountain pass is closed after Fotu La.Chasto winter border roads organization (BRO) is trying to clear the pass of snow dlyaorganizatsii movement, but it is not always possible.

During the War of 1947 Zoji La was occupied by the Pakistani armed forces for an attack on Ladakh.

November 1st Infantry Indians to attack repulsed the pass, the battle was called "Operation Bison" indusydostigli success due to the unexpected use of armored vehicles, the battle is the most high technology in the world sispolzovaniem

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