Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ride Like The Wind

Chopper (Chopper) - look, style motorcycle, which appeared in the US in the 1950s. In English the word "chop" is translated as "cut off , "chipping." Originally from a brand new motorcycle series "split off" parts , not related to the process of driving, traffic (large front headlight and signal lights, windscreen, protective rack , front fender ). The large, bulky parts and motorcycle parts (gas tank and seat) is reduced in size. 
     Soon lengthened front fork, which provides excellent cushioning due to the spring effect of the pipes themselves. Later appeared to pull back handlebars, wide rear wheel and a narrow front. Rama also become elongated. All this was supplemented by a variety of chrome. The final touch was the individual "combat" coloring each chopper on a variety of topics.
     As a result, more than half a century of evolution in our days on the streets all over the world can meet "iron beauties" at the sight of which people only with very strong nerves will not stop to admire the slowly passing by chopper. And what can we say about the owners of these bikes ... However, judge for yourself ...

Harley Fatboy, "Burnin 'Money"

The High End Chopper 

300mm RSD Softail

 Harley - Davidson Fatboy

 Bo's West Coast Death Rider

 280 RSD Pro - Street Model, "Ed's Big Green Machine"

 Chancellor's Chopper

Dennis's Harley Chopper Custom

Black Wicked Chopper

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