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Who is involved in skimming 

In Moscow there are about 10? 15 serious groups, I did not know, but I do not think it freezed bandits or Gopnik. Although maybe I just speak for myself. In any case, we have an intelligent business functions, so carding most people are doing with an engineering degree or programmers - in general, the technical intelligentsia. However, sometimes police detain migrants installers - I think that in such cases still traceable gangster trail: nobody in their right mind would not trust the equipment some Moldovans. Personally, I've seen at a gas station Tajiks 20 minutes trying to remove the skimmer to the ATM, and then through the same cash card. Those guys are lucky, they got into their bedraggled white "five" and drove off. But I think that with their care, they will sooner or later fall into the criminal chronicle. 

About how to help the fraudster 

All we have to do - is to learn the PIN-code of the card and make it a duplicate. To find out PIN-code, you need to install a hidden camera. Notice it is not easy: it is built into the panel, disguised as one of the components of the ATM. 
With the cloning of cards all the more complicated. To do this, we need to install the skimmer to the ATM in kartopriёmnik, it reads the dumps - information from the magnetic strip card. Information from the skimmer goes directly to your phone via bluetooth. That is, someone holds the card, and you're standing ten meters and get all the information about it directly to your mobile phone. 

Then the experts made ​​the map based on these data. At some ATMs are jitters - devices that make the card vibrate during commissioning kartopriёmnik. When the card is shaking the skimmer can not properly read data from its magnetic strip.Accordingly, the duplicate will be of poor quality, and cashed the money will not work. But even a perfect copy of the map is useless without the PIN-code. So in many ways we are helping themselves cardholders that if the PIN-code is not closed palm keyboard. 

A method of theft 

Installing the skimmer and the camera takes ten seconds to several minutes. In general, the installer does not cause suspicion: many at the ATM for 20 minutes blunt, and nothing. From a technical point of view to put the skimmer and the camera - it's not the most difficult thing. 
Sometimes ATMs equipped with the so-called wings, which hide the keyboard. If there are ATM wings, then wherever you are our hidden camera, it can not peep PIN-code. In this case, the day before the installation of the equipment we have torn off the wings, grind them, and then fasten the back. Only now from them no good - just two useless skiing. For this work, we usually employ a person from the street, which is in dire need of money. Tell him that we were from the security services of the bank and thus check the reliability of the machine. 
The first skimmer with my team, we are stuck on the third attempt. It looked awful, but hold on. Per day through our ATMs have been eight people. So worried that after each client went to check the equipment. As a result, rescued 300 thousand rubles. 
There are unplanned situations: for example, once fallen off the panel with the camera. She was lying in front of the ATM, but its customers for some reason this did not bother: they quietly withdraw money. 
Or something bad installer put the skimmer, and when used the ATM first client, middle-aged lady, her card simply stuck. The installer was not taken aback, and volunteered to help the woman. She thanked him and then even that has not stopped him after trying to cash her ​​money. 

About chopovtsah 

Once we were almost caught chopovtsy. This was the case just with the ATM, which had wings. We have them cut and grind left in auto repair. After 30 minutes, come to put back, just glued tape, as the ATM fit guys in helmets and with batons. It turned out at the ATM vandal system worked, we with these chopovtsami literally a moment missed. The guards did not find anything: ATM saw no damage and left. 
By the way, even if you are caught by the guards often can be bought off. Price of the issue - from ten thousand to one million rubles. But we were still inexperienced. 
You never know, watching ATM or not, there are some security. There are several ways to find out. The simplest of them - attached to the ATM announcement that it does not work, or hang on kartopriёmnik watch. 
If, within five or six hours, nothing happens, so you can come and install our equipment. Another thing is that risk for the sake of two or three clients, no one will. Therefore, while we watch the ATM, we appreciate not only security, but also its popularity: how many people pass through it and come when the peak load hours. Our attention can accurately draw the ATM, next to which a queue. 

About gang 

Our team consists of several people: two installers, drivers, several nalschikov - those who cashes money. Some of these guys - my close friends, some I found on the forum. On carding forums found plumber - it makes skimmers and decryption, which decodes audiodampy. I coordinate actions of the whole team: takin equipment donated audiodampy decryption, all cash flows on me, too. 
Yes, on the Internet and you can order a prostitute, and a casino to find, well, to discuss all the details of stealing money from bank cards. There are forums completely open, there are those in which a complex system of registration and admission. Police apparently not interested nor those of any other. 

Everything is built on trust: everyone gets 15? 20% of the cards, no one is cheating. If you work with strangers, on the same closed forums have a service "Guarantor" - for her administrator is responsible karderovskogo forum. 

Driving around is this: to order skimmer, I transfer the money to the "Guarantor", then the board administrator informs the second party of the transaction, that these skimmers for me to make that money in the account and can be sent to the equipment. As soon as I check it, understand that it works, plumber gets money from this account of warranty. 

C nalschikami the same situation: before you send them a lot of cards, you demand that they threw in the "Guarantor", for example, ten thousand dollars. If everything is in order, nalschiki get their money back and a percentage of cashed cards.Although, of course, did not work nalschika prokontroliruesh, it can leave yourself more than necessary, and to tell you that the maps were not so much money. But in fact, the people sitting on carding forums, cherished reputation, they are quite satisfied with 20% of the cards. 

Banks and bankers 

Banks usually do not return the stolen money to the client: this is the essence of the contract that the cardholder enters a credit institution. The contract says that if the card transactions made ​​using the PIN-code, the operation is recognized as committed by the cardholder. As far as I know, going to court does not help. We have to prove that the money from the card removed scammer, not your relative or friend. Make it difficult, even if you were in Russia, and the money cashed in Thailand. 

By the way, some bankers do not mind to take part in our schemes, I once brought a man who agreed to supply equipment skimmingovoe its ATMs - they There were about a hundred. But our partnership was short-lived: the owner of the bank have a problem, and he went abroad. 

On morality 

Moral we have a very short and simple: we fundamentally do not rob the elderly. Our cameras are not visible to visitors, so installers who follow the ATM, record the arrival time of the elderly, then to their cards do not accidentally processed.

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