Sunday, February 22, 2015


BIGPIC40 7 high-tech fashion victim
modnienovinki July 1 high-tech fashion victim
1. Model Diane von Furstenberg shows at a fashion show in New York tech glasses from Google - in fact, it is connected to the Internet, a computer with a camera and voice control.
modnienovinki July 2 high-tech fashion victim
2. Singer Carrie Underwood shocked viewers tech dress from Don O'Neal at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles this year.The board allows it to project a different image, right on the bed and changing the contour of the product in motion.
modnienovinki July 3 high-tech fashion victim
3. A lot of people "hacked» Ipod Nano Apple, placing it on the belt to be worn as a watch. And then there's the tattoo artist Dave Qurban made a magnetic piercing on her wrist, to secure a fashionable gadget.
modnienovinki July 4 high-tech fashion victim
4. The costumes from recycled plastic bottles may look normal (right), and more explicitly.
modnienovinki July 5 high-tech fashion victim
5. A model shows a bikini made from a photovoltaic strips with conductive thread. If you need to charge something with USB-connector in the pool, this suit can help.
modnienovinki June 7 high-tech fashion victim
6. Hanako Miyake wears a pair of cat's ears belt that can move, twitch, perk up or fall down depending on the user's brain waves.
modnienovinki July 7 high-tech fashion victim
7. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was presented ski goggles Recon, which contain a small screen that can display a map of ski hills on which you are traveling at the moment.

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