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Funnies Photos Of Architecture Human and Animals Of The DAy


Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
1Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
2Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
3Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
4Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
5Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
6Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
7Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
8Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
9Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
10Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
11Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
12Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
13Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
14Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
15Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
16Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
17Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
18Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
19Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
20Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
21Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
22Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
23Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
24Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
25Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
27Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
28Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
29Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
30Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
31Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)
32Construction marasmus.  Part 6 (32 photos)



The pictures were taken in good time in just a second before the hellish pain, fear of wild, frenzied anger or long-awaited meeting, adrenaline over the edge and great joy.
Among these photographs is the work of professionals, have spent time and money to get the most successful frame. And there are snapshots accidentally made at the very moment.
clip_image001A second before divorce
clip_image002A second before the long-awaited freedom
clip_image003One second before someone had passed, and someone has flown
clip_image004A second before dating
clip_image005A second before lunch
clip_image006One second before crash
clip_image007A second before he realized that was not for him veloekstrim
clip_image008A second before the free fall
clip_image009A second before concussion
clip_image010One second before the whole day was spoiled
A second before they realize that it was not a good idea
clip_image012Per second to a better frame of holiday
clip_image013A second before paying for a good picture. (Staging)
clip_image014One second before the guy will have to the dentist
clip_image015A second before he realizes that the rope was too short
clip_image016A second before snacks
clip_image017One second before the bird will be sorry
clip_image018A second before the snow battle
clip_image019A second before take-off
clip_image020One second before the horse at full gallop, as they say
One second before the guy will regret that went into the army
clip_image022A second before opening the parachute
clip_image023A second before ... even if he's all it was good.

Winter zveroprikoly!
Winter zveroprikoly!1

Winter zveroprikoly!2

Winter zveroprikoly!3

Winter zveroprikoly!4

Winter zveroprikoly!5

Winter zveroprikoly!6

Winter zveroprikoly!7

Winter zveroprikoly!8

Winter zveroprikoly!9

Winter zveroprikoly!10

Winter zveroprikoly!11

Winter zveroprikoly!12

Winter zveroprikoly!13

Winter zveroprikoly!14

Winter zveroprikoly!15

Winter zveroprikoly!16

Winter zveroprikoly!17

Winter zveroprikoly!18

Winter zveroprikoly!19

Winter zveroprikoly!20

Winter zveroprikoly!21

Winter zveroprikoly!22

Winter zveroprikoly!23

Winter zveroprikoly!

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  Позитив от самых преданных.6

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  Позитив от самых преданных.8

  Позитив от самых преданных.9

  Позитив от самых преданных.10

  Позитив от самых преданных.11

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  Позитив от самых преданных.

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