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Auto giants all over the world without end compete in strength, speed and other parameters, creating more and more new series champions, setting new records and developing ever more sophisticated technology. In this collection, we will introduce you to the basic record among production cars at the moment. As they say, no limit to perfection, and it is possible that in the foreseeable future, all of the following supercars can oust new developments, in the meantime we learn a little about our contemporary champions.
Champions among cars
So, the first in our list goes supercar, which is currently considered to be the fastest when accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h - Maxximus G-Force does it for 2.1 seconds.
Maxximus G-Force
Car with an engine capacity of 1622 Chevrolet V8 hp built on the Ultima GTR, but got more advanced chassis and two turbochargers.
The cost of such "toys" in 2009 was $ 3 million.
Originally planned serial production of this model, but the demand has not met expectations of its founders and currently only sold a few cars that, nevertheless, actually makes it a production model.
Next car on our list - Keating TKR - in 2009 was the fastest in the world, reaching the dried salt lake in Utah mark of 418.6 kilometers per hour.
Keating TKR
In 2010, its creators wanted to "transcend" the mark of 480 km / h, but, unfortunately, the car crashed.
As we know, at the moment record broken notorious Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - today it is 431.072 km / h, but Keating can be left on our list at least for its power.
British monster
After power 7-liter V-shaped "Eight", which is the heart of Keating TKR, is 1832 hp at curb weight 995 kg!
Heart supercar
With its low cost, Anthony Keating was able to sell a good number of copies Keating TKR, for now, he continues to improve his creation.
Keating TKR900
The third record holder in the lead in several "categories" - the amount of engine torque, acceleration to 200 km / h and acceleration to 300 km / h.
Weineck Cobra 780cuiCobra
Weineck Cobra 780cui 2006 is equipped with a V8 engine volume of 12782 cm 3 , or about 12.8 liters with a maximum torque of 1760 Nm!
The initial capacity of this monster - "only" 1,115 hp at curb weight of 989 kg, but later for racing drag racing engine one Weineck Cobra 780cui was boosted to 4500 "horses"!
In first gear can accelerate up to 160 km / h, with acceleration to "hundreds" takes about 2.2 seconds to 200 km / h - 4.9 seconds, and 10 seconds after the start of the car reaches 300 km / h !
With this result can compete only professional dragsters, so almost serial Weineck Cobra 780cui cost of $ 650 thousand is quite a tasty morsel for fans of mad speeds and accelerations.
Front viewBack view
However, It is not known how things are going with the handling, as Usually cars with such a power dynamic acceleration and enough "neaerodinamichnoy" looks serious problems with Agile)
Weineck Cobra 780cui
Completely different important advantage of any powerful car is the efficiency of its braking system ...
In this regard, occupies a commanding lead Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Centennial Edition 2012 release, whose braking distance during emergency braking from 100 km / h in just 28.3 meters!
Champions among cars
Moreover, in comparison with the aforementioned supercars cost of this Corvette is only $ 130,000, almost nothing)
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Centennial Edition
Of course, we can not ignore the above-mentioned Bugatti Veyron Super Sport , which put in 2010 is still not beaten a top speed record among serial cars - 431 km / h.
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
More about this legendary supercar can be found in a separate article, here we only note that the cost of car replicas-record holder was $ 2.4 million apiece.
Finally I would like to write about another unusual car - SSC Tuatara 2011 - Creation of the American company Shelby Super Cars, which has long been famous thanks to SSC Ultimate Aero TT - the same one that the 2-year holding palm among the fastest cars of the world.
SSC Tuatara
New supercar, according to its creators, is now able to beat the existing record Bugatti - to this end has been designed completely new body style, engine power is increased, and the car maximum relief and is equipped with the most advanced 7-speed gearbox with a triple disc clutch.
It only remains to wait until the company decides to finally challenge the speed and show the world what a their new supercar.
Basically, as long as that's all. The list is small, but we have tried to cover all the important categories of records for the current supercars. We will follow the development of automotive technology, and more!

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