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This famous palace is located in the heart of the Indian city of Bangalore in the territory occupied by the palace gardens.

Palace building, impresses with its luxurious decoration and splendor, was built in 1887 during the Wodeyar dynasty.

Construction Bangalore Palace is made in the Tudor style, it is replete with crenellated walls, Gothic windows and a variety of forms of fortified towers.

To decorate the interior decoration of this building was used skillful carving and painting, so that in the construction of the palace is an interesting mixture of European and Eastern styles. In all interior decorating palace rooms used bright colors, predominant among which are yellow, red, blue and green.


2007_10_28_Bangalore Palace 02 zzzFlickrMP

A bust of a Wodeyar maharaja at Bangalore Palace

In the center of the palace square is decorated courtyard, lined with ceramic tiles.

Adjacent to the courtyard is located ballroom is large and magnificent decoration, in imperial times was intended for banquets.

In yet another unique room, which has the name of the Durbar Hall, held various meetings. The walls are decorated with exquisite paintings, in addition to the hall stands a huge statue, which depicts the head of an elephant. One of the walls of the hall Durbar Hall is decorated with stained glass windows. Today the palace is used for a variety of celebrations, conferences, festivals and exhibitions. In addition, it is open to the access of tourists. .

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