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WHAT found inside a SPHINX?

Among the fans of archeology there is a perception that the oldest surviving monumental sculpture in the world before the Great Sphinx had a "hat." Otherwise difficult to explain the presence of "hatch" in the head of the Sphinx and the unusual shape of the head.

1That found inside the Sphinx?
When viewed from above, it appears at the head of the sphinx is too flat, just for hats, and the hole - as a system of "thorn-groove". Maybe it looked like this:
2That found inside the Sphinx?
Hat fell, collapsed, and the groove was. Deepening patched with the aim to ensure that it does not accumulate in the water and did not destroy the head of the sphinx.
This video also shows this gray concrete or metal cover. The researchers did not even tried to add to the concrete dyes, pigments, that it was the color of the statue itself.
But perhaps, the researchers tried over his head (as the most convenient place) to get inside. And lid covers something more important. Indirectly confirmed this version prints and old paintings, which clearly shows that the researcher climbs from the head of the sphinx. And then - concrete manhole cover covers it, pass. 
3That found inside the Sphinx?
In the late 1970s a special US-Egyptian team of experts started the restoration of the Great Sphinx. In the first phase of these studies have reported very intriguing information:
In 1979, the state of the Sphinx was quite bad. Urgently needed to take measures to save the monument - literally, in order that he not lost his head. Previous inept restoration, carried out by the Egyptians, ispolzovaavshimi ordinary cement, a few years only worsened the quality of the head of the statue.
During the first phase of restoration work of the US-Egyptian group Telah named Mohamed Abd al-Fayed Mavgud that a child in 1926, worked on the recovery of the Sphinx from the sand under the direction of French engineer Emile Barazi, told the heads of the restoration of the existence of a small hole in the neck Sphinx, which he had forgotten and remembered only recently. According to the old man, through the hole could penetrate INT statue. Affected by such an unusual revelation members of the American Research Center of Egyptology, led by Zahi Hawass and Mark Lehner, without a moment's hesitation, seized lights and, forgetting for a moment the head of the sphinx, made their way into it. What archaeologists discovered there, not like the description of any of the galleries legends of ancient and medieval chronicles. Was open pit tunnel formed by a very narrow cave - a width of not more than one meter, the total length of 9 meters. One of the wells is inside the body of the statue up, following the curves of all four of its legs, and the other descends vertically and buries in the rock. Both mainsail form an angle of 90 degrees. Their walls and unpolished look no more treated than in Castilian wine cellars. After an exhausting search for the next treatment, it was found that the works here were made from the top down, and even the top of the stairs there was a likeness, rather - the hole in the wall, which dig up to facilitate the descent into the tunnel.
This photo is visible pierced (and poorly sealed) pass under the ear sphinx. Attempts to get inside still were. Successful-unsuccessful - the official Egyptologists do not advertise it.
4That found inside the Sphinx?

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