Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Repeatedly raised the topic of the circus with animals - a gesture. Small wonder that in some countries, in Israel, for example, banned the circus with animals.

No one suspects that their whole life, from birth takes place in suffering. This so-called "Ringling" which breaks the spirit of elephants, when they are still very vulnerable. The first six months of elephants tied by the legs to the ropes, which are in constant voltage and applying pressure to the feet. This period ends when the baby elephant gives up and stops to fight for their freedom.


Once weaned from their mothers, elephant legs tied to the floor in a separate barn and keep well for 23 hours a day to break the psyche of a baby elephant. 

After they are tied to an adult elephant and a second language are taught to obey their coach. 

The initial obedience training includes an introduction to the elephant noose. At this point, it is surrounded by six or seven people, and he is tied by the neck to the adult slonu- "anchor", which is already implicitly listen to people.

In the first step goes from 18 to 22 months. 

When the elephant got the basic skills of subordination, he begins a new stage - Stunt preparation. This daily activities within 2-3 hours.

First baby elephant cries and can not be training, but everything has its time. Ropes and time will put everything in the usual place for a man.

In the words of a professional of the case: "If you ask me what I think about their work, I will ... I'm ashamed of what I did ..." 

Learning process and broken psyche elephant 

In this case, the "coach" electric shocks directly to the head of a baby elephant. 

Several adult men trying to make a baby elephant to submit to their will. 

With electroshock batons and choke and power of 6 men are taught to perform tricks elephant "go-get" 

Learning "lie" 

Train rack. Is constantly in the course of a stick with a hook at the end ...

So baby elephant to learn what to not get hit with a stick with a hook is required to lie to kick the ball and make the rack. 

Elephant is absolutely unnatural and they are forced to go against the nature of the use of physical punishment. 



Education trick "headstand." Tell me, the elephant is generally necessary ???

It was only after training is teamwork. 

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