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As long as people are willing to at each other's throats for any little thing, and yet in the hands of "monkeys" are machines, they take hostages. The standard response of most states is that they do not negotiate with terrorists, but that does not stop them from trying to turn the political situation in their favor through violence.

25. The taking of hostages in a bunker Alabama. January 29, 2013 Jimmy Lee Daykes, 65-year veteran of the Vietnam War, hijacked a school bus in the district of Dale and killed his driver, Charles Albert Polenda younger. He also took hostage Ethan, a five-year student center Elementary School District. Daykesa bunker where he kept homemade bomb was equipped with ventilation, with which it was possible to transmit toys, books and medicines for Ethan. The crisis ended 5 days later when the police broke into the bunker, killing Daykesa and releasing Ethan. 24. Capture church in Baghdad. October 31, 2010, during the Sunday evening Mass at the Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Advocate, she was attacked by a group of radical Sunni al-Qaeda. As a result of the capture of more than 100 hostages were killed 58 people, and 19 were able to escape before the Iraqi Special Forces stormed did not save the rest. Americans with air support special forces, and 4-hour siege led to the death of 41 hostages. 23. Capture the headquarters of Discovery Communications. Situation that took place on 1 September 2010 in the company's headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland, began when James Lee took three people hostage in the lobby of the building. Armed with two pistols and explosives, 43-year-old Lee has produced a pistol holder in the ceiling of the lobby. After 4 hours of talks, Lee was shot and killed by police. 22. The tragedy at the Munich Olympics.Better known as the "Munich Massacre", the attack took place during the Summer Olympic Games of 1972 in the German city of Munich, where 11 Israeli athletes team were captured and eventually killed, along with a captured German police. The act was committed by members of the terrorist organization Palestinian "Black September", which demanded the release of 234 prisoners held in Israeli jails. During a failed rescue operation eight terrorists were killed and three captured the survivors.Israel responded operations "Spring of Youth" and "Wrath of God", during which they tracked down and killed all the Palestinians who, they believed, directly or indirectly helped the terrorists. 21. Ma'alot massacre. This two-day attack, which took 115 people, 105 of whom were children. It was May 15, 1974, when three armed militants of the terrorist organization the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine came to Israel from Lebanon. Most of the hostages were teenagers who were on the tour. They spent the night at an elementary school in Maalot "Netiv Meir." The hijackers demanded the release of 23 Palestinian militants from Israeli jails, or students will be killed. When the Golani Brigade stormed the building after 2 days, the terrorists threw grenades and their hostages were shot with machine guns, leaving 28 hostages were killed, including 22 children. 20. Patty Hearst. Patty Hearst Shaw, an American newspaper heiress, socialite personality, and that she was kidnapped Symbionese Liberation Army in 1974. Granddaughter of millionaire George Hearst, have earned their capital toil, and daughter of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst became famous when she sided with her ​​captors and became their best to help. So when she was arrested with other members of the Symbionese Liberation Army, during a bank robbery, she was imprisoned for two years. Later, President Bill Clinton gave her a presidential pardon, because her actions were explained by the Stockholm syndrome, where prisoners sympathize with their captors. 19. The taking of hostages in Iran. Diplomatic crisis between Iran and the United States broke out when a group of Islamist students invaded the US embassy in support of the Iranian revolution. They took hostage 52 employees of the US embassy, ​​which was released after 444 days in 1981.When negotiating the release failed, the US military carried out the rescue operation called "Eagle Claw". But the mission failed. This has led to the deaths of eight American servicemen and Iranian civilian. The crisis ended by the signing of the Algiers Agreement on 19 January 1981, after which the hostages were finally released. 18. Father Lawrence Martin Jenco. A native of Joliet, Illinois, USA, Genco's father was the director of Catholic Relief Services, when he was taken hostage for 564 days by five armed Shiite Muslims in Beirut in January 1985. During this time he spent in meditation and prayer. Besides him Shiites captured several hostages, including tennis Terry Anderson. 17. Terry Anderson. Terry Anderson, the famous tennis player, was a prisoner with the Father Genco. After the liberation of all channels showed his reunion with his family, where he first saw his daughter, who was born three months after his capture. 16. Terry White. English philanthropist and writer, he was an assistant for the Causes of the Church of England when he negotiated the release of the four hostages, among whom was the journalist John McCarthy. He went to Lebanon January 20, 1987, to negotiate with the Islamic Jihad, but also became a prisoner and was held hostage for 1,763 days from 1987 to 1991. 15. Lebanese terrorist attack. Between 1982 and 1992, was captured 96 foreign nationals. Abduction occurred systematically. Criminals have used different names, although they all belonged to the same terrorist organization Hezbollah. The attacks were seen as "insurance against US retaliation, Syrian and other forces." Among the hostages were 230 Americans and 58 French, who were considered guilty of the bombing of the embassy in Beirut and other incidents. 14. Terrorist attack in Kizlyar. This terrorist attack occurred during the First Chechen War, when the Chechens raided a military airbase. It was the mass hostage-taking. In the hostages were over a thousand civilians. The attack destroyed three helicopters and 33 soldiers were killed, that's what made ​​Russian troops pursue Chechens who entered the city and took the 2000 - 3400 civil hostage. After Chechens fled to May Day, in a convoy of 11 buses and two trucks, where they seized another 100 hostages. As the Russian army did not allow journalists access to the country, it is difficult to determine the full amount of civilian casualties. 13. Terrorist attack in Alta View Hospital. This incident occurred on the night of 20 September 1991, in Alta View Hospital in Sandy, Utah. Richard Worthington tried to kill Dr. Curtis Gleyd that tubal ligations his wife. Armed with a rifle, a pistol and dynamite, he went to the antenatal clinic and took hostage two nurses, three civilians and two babies and held them for 18 hours. One nurse, Carl Roth, was mortally wounded, and Richard was sentenced to 35 years in prison, but later on November 11, 1993, he committed suicide. 12.Shooting in high school Lyndhurst. May 1, 1992 Eric Houston broke into his former school in Oliverherst, California, armed with a pump action shotgun. He killed a teacher and three students and wounded 9. He held more than 80 people hostage for eight hours before the surrender to the police. 11. Terrorist attack in Sacramento. April 4, 1991, four young Vietnamese refugee attacked the store in Sacramento, California. This attack is considered the largest rescue operation to free hostages in America. There have been more than 50 hostages who were held at gunpoint about 8:00. Armed with three pistols and a rifle, they killed three hostages and wounded another 14. But as a result of the rescue operation three terrorists were killed, and the latter surrendered to authorities. The youngest of the terrorists was only 17 years old and older only 21 years old.10. Burnham. Burnham - American Protestant missionaries who served in the Philippines for 17 years since 1986. They were part of a large group who had been kidnapped group "Abu Sayyaf", an Islamist separatist terrorist organization May 27, 2001.Most of the group had been shootings and was released for a small ransom, but for Burnham terrorists have requested one million dollars. They were handed over $ 300,000, but the group still refused to release them until the Philippine army did not try to save their June 7, 2002. In this encounter, Martin was killed by three shots in the chest, and Grace was wounded in the right knee, but was saved. 9. Terrorist act in Beslan. This hostage-taking occurred in Beslan, North Ossetia-Alania, school №1 September 1, 2004. A group of armed terrorists led by Shamil Basayev demanded the end of the Second Chechen War, they took more than 1,100 people hostage including nearly 800 children. Russian special forces stormed the building on the third day, killing 380 hostages, most of whom were children. 8. Roy Hallums. American contractor Roy Hallums, was kidnapped along with Roberto Tangonoi from the Philippines, Inusa Devarim Nepalese and three Iraqis in Baghdad November 1, 2004.While the other hostages were released Hallums remain in captivity. Hallumsa videotape with a long beard and weapons aimed at his head, appeared online Jan. 25, 2005. In it, he was not talking to the US government and the Libyan President Muammar al-Gaddafi to ask for help. Gaddafi later ordered to release him, and September 7, 2005, he was released, along with an Iraqi prisoner. 7. Terrorist attack in the Amish school. October 2, 2006 bandit named Charles Carl Roberts took hostages at the school in Amish Bart Township, Pennsylvania, USA. Armed with a pistol, a shotgun and a rifle, he shot 10 girls aged 6 to 13 years. He later committed suicide. 6. Eloah Pimentel. Eloah Pimentel, 15-year-old girl from Brazil, was taken hostage 13 October 2008, together with her ​​friend, Nearoy de Silva. She was held captive for 100 hours, the longest captivity in Sao Paulo. Eloah and Neara working on a school project with two other friends when her ex, Lidemberg Fernandes Alves attacked them with a gun. Soon he released two boys and 16 October, released Silva. Later, they heard gunshots and police began the seizure, they broke into the house and shot him, but before he shot Eloah in the head and in the groin. Eloah died. 5.Operation Dzhanbaz. The code name for the attack on the headquarters of the Pakistani army October 10, 2009. Ten bandits in military uniform shot headquarters in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and killed nine soldiers and two civilians. Soldiers later entered the building, where 22 civilians were kept before the rescue operation. 4. Hostage-taking in Rizal Park. This incident occurred when police fired Filipino hijacked tourist bus perevozvshy 20 tourists 23 August 2010. Rolando Mendoza was angry so that he was fired from the police force. And that he wanted to return the capture job, because he believed that he was illegally fired.In fact, it incited brother and he realized when he was arrested. During the incident, the bus driver managed to escape when the shooting began, which resulted in a terrorist was killed and eight hostages, a lot of the hostages were injured. Failure of police watched worldwide on TV and the Internet. 3. The incident in Lajoie. The incident occurred in Singapore January 31, 1974, when four men, armed with guns and explosives attacked a Shell Oil refinery in Pulau Buck to disrupt oil supplies from Singapore to other countries. They were able to detonate 3 of 12 firecracker. After they hijacked a ferry bound for Lajoie in an attempt to escape, and 5 crew members held hostage. After 8 days of negotiations, they agreed to release their hostages in exchange for safe passage to the Middle East. 2. Flight 572. May 8, 1972 Boeing 707 passenger plane flying flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv was hijacked by a group of two men and two women from the terrorist organization "Black September."Flight, which was led by the English pilot named Reginald Levy, landed at Lod Airport, where the hijackers separated the Jews from non-Jews. They also demanded the release of 315 Palestinian terrorists from Israeli jails. The rescue operation, codenamed "Operation Isotope" was held Sayeret Matkal commandos on the next day, as a result of male terrorists were killed and the women managed to capture alive. 1. In Amenas hostage crisis. January 16, 2013 terrorists from Al-Qaeda, led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar, captured 800 people in the field of natural gas in Algeria. During capture killed 39 foreign hostages. 29 terrorists were killed. A total of 685 Algerian workers and 107 foreigners were released, while the three terrorists were captured when the Algerian forces stormed the invaders on the 4th day of captivity.

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