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A brief history of short pants
... Or shorts clothes scout turned into an essential accessory pop star.
The history of women's shorts began with a tennis court. Previously, they were boys' panties, but in the early 20th century, a movement - women had somewhat run and jump at cluster of fair public without revealing lingerie. Judge for yourself, sports - it's not a variety show, and sexuality here goes by the wayside.
The first woman to appear on the court in a fairly chaste shorts that resemble modern breeches, became a tennis player Alice Marble. In 1932, its appearance caused a scandal, but just two years later the French beaches filled with women in a more or less long pants - fashion and from there spread throughout Europe. By 1937 shorts officially entered the woman's summer wardrobe and become a sign of elegance.

A brief history of short pants
1. The Englishwoman Charlotte Cooper at Wimbledon in 1901. Long skirts restrict movement, but was not allowed to see anything extra. 2. Thaw - Suzanne Lenglen appears at Wimbledon in 1922 in a short skirt and plays aggressively, flashing laces tight white briefs. Men whistle, women blush. 3. Marble Eris in 1932. Again universal disapproval: where the world is heading? 4, 5. Pattern suit for tennis and leisure resort. 1934-36. World recognized women's shorts.
A ticket to the highest light shorts gave Jean Patou, first introduced a line of sportswear for women. It included tennis skirts and shorts, knitted bathing suits, jersey cardigans. Elsa Schiaparelli, known for his radical views on fashion, in 1931, brought to court Lili de Alvarez in the scandalous "split skirt", a precursor of shorts.
A brief history of short pants
1. dancer and model Portia Grafton Beach strict suit of Patou, 1927. 2. In a bathing suit shorts were modestly hiding under her skirt, Patou, 1928. 3. Courageous Women swimwear (in fact, knit shorts), according to the revelation that rivals masculine. Patou, shooting for Voque, July 1931.
A brief history of short pants
1, 2. Decisions Schiaparelli for the most active women. 3. It also shorts for flirting on the beach.
A brief history of short pants
1. Lili de Alvarez, "split skirt" by Schiaparelli, 1931. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The fashion crowd in Deauville, the beginning of the 30s.French beaches set the tone.
In the forties shorts again fall out of favor: the municipalities of several resorts in the Cote d'Azur and the Bay of Biscay prohibit the wearing of them all, except cyclists. The public justifies this by saying that short pants visually enlarge the priest at the time, both in fashion narrow hips and broad shoulders. Shorts are in the locker room only as a kind of body: blouse, shorts worn under a skirt with a smell of summer. Called it a miracle blitzie.
But this in Europe. America wanted to sneeze limitations: it cynically sewed shorts based on the German national costume Dirndl girls wore shorts in the summer, unaware of the existence of pedophilia colored shorts decorated with quite a luscious figure.
A brief history of short pants
1. The same blitzie. In the hands of the girl - classic costume pants male type. 2. The American version: set of blitzie and Zapashny skirt in tone. 3. In the second half of the '40s, we have seen the development of an American phenomenon, short shorts, which will be discussed so many bad words European hypocrites. 4. Summer girl's shorts. 5. Shorts Dirndl dress ala.6. Shorts decent length - not only short, but also pedal-pushers, cyclists joy middle age category.
More than any other women did for shortostroeniya Betty Grable, American dancer and actress in part, classic pin-up model.Her legs were insured for $ 1,000,000 (which for the forties was a significant sum), and her ass is inspired by the soldiers at the front of the world. Shorts, more similar to the closed cowards become her uniform.
A brief history of short pants
1. The most famous photograph of Betty. Included in the list of "100 photos that changed the world." Girl standing with his back to the audience because she was pregnant. 2, 3, 6. Betty shorts - on set and in life. 4. In each of the many sets of "Dress Betty" were at least some shorts. 5. Early in his career, in the movie "Follow the Fleet" in 1936.
In the 50s the arena out a variety of medium-length pants - pants and capris to mid-calf, houseboy. Emilio Pucci seen enough of sailors that on hot days roll their uniform pants to the knee, and released a glamorous female version with zippers on the sides. In the course as "marine" type fasteners double buttoned. Different types of short pants with shorts coexist without forcing them. We are seeing a real flowering of shorts: all colors, all prints all styles and lengths, including micro-mini.But still remains high waist!
A brief history of short pants
1, 2. The union of two lengths. 3. Serious Shorts not only for the beach. 4. Red fat? Leave that nonsense anemic French. 5. pantsuit where instead of trousers - shorts.
A brief history of short pants
1. Desperate American do not hide anything. 2. Effect of Britain: in shorts can learn. 3. Shorts and free blouson for women in the state. 4. Not only for sunbathing but also for private parties. 5. Shorts do not need to emphasize femininity.Bohemian chic style "Gavroche".
A brief history of short pants
Stars in shorts. 1. Ingrid Bergman with her daughter Pia Capri. 2. Marilyn Monroe. 3. Elizabeth Montgomery, star of TV series Bewitched. 4. Just a beautiful fashion shooting with a skirt that perfectly joined to a collection of 2013.
American style icon CZ Quest, one of the "best dressed women in the world", in the era of New Look dressed stressed strictly and sports. One of her favorite parts were the toilet shorts. In them she posed on the background of his estate on Long Island, as if born in a silver spoon in his mouth. But to a successful marriage, she had to dance on the Broadway stage Ziegfeld Follies, to try his luck in Hollywood, to lie naked in front of the artist Diego Rivera in Mexico.
A brief history of short pants
... When it gets hot in Florida, shorts seem to be a natural solution to the problem. But less than a century ago, their appearance caused serious fights.
A brief history of short pants
About long shorts
In the 30-ies of XX century the British liked to spend a vacation in Bermuda, where they went to the baggy pants to his knees - walking shorts. Americans adopted this fashion, christened short trousers Bermuda.
Up until 1950 no islanders, no American vacationers on the island, according to the law had no right to show his knees.Government zealously monitor compliance with this rule. On the beach, woman sunbathing in bikinis, but the appearance of nude female legs in the city entailed imposing a fine. Finally officials decided that Bermuda just above the knee can be a compromise.
These Bermuda khaki, once introduced to the island by the British military, were not to be shorter than 22 inches (56 cm) from the waist. Cops armed with a ruler to observe morals.
RETAIL responded to relief happily Bermuda all colors, including classic. Men wore them everywhere - Golf, appearing in such a way to work in the restaurant and on the beach. Women prefer to wear sandals to Bermuda.
In America, the shorts of this type have experienced hard times until the late '40s, when fashion designer Claire McCardell (founder of American style, elegant, modest and sports) tried to introduce them into fashion, along with other short trousers for active lifestyles.
A brief history of short pants
Fashion offers Claire McCardell
Students at Princeton and Yale, regulars Sauntgemptona gorgeous beaches and Palm Beach, loved the striped Bermuda shorts. Soon American businessmen began buying suits, where the usual complement deuce shorts. And this style would be caught if it were not for the advent of air conditioning, under which in shorts sitting was cold.
A brief history of short pants
Evolution of Bermuda by officially recognized clothing Bermuda clerks to clothing Manhattan office lady 80s.
About short shorts, up to indecency
In 1971, there was another coup fashion: it broke in extremely short shorts. The term hot pants, sung by James Brown, was listed in the dictionary. Bars offered eponymous cocktail of tequila, schnapps and grenadine. In hot pants spent time on his yacht even Jacqueline Kennedy.

James Brown - Hot Pants

The B-52's - Hot Pants Explosion
Paranormal interest of women in Europe and America to the shorter shorts explains not only the sexual revolution, but also the process. Appeared polyester fiber. It now they seem to be the devil incarnate, and then they were met with enthusiasm, because it allows you to move freely, to walk from the hip and exuberant dance dancing. Around the world (not just in the Soviet SRI) has become fashionable knitting, including crochet. And mikroshorty technology were a little harder hats and mittens is much easier, and acrylic yarn sold in stores such bright colors that the hand itself to the hook pulled.
A brief history of short pants
Material evidence of that in the 70 shorts were absolutely decent and socially acceptable form of clothing.
Another reason for the spread of shorts called cultural studies diet. Amphetamine diet pills banned only in 1979, throughout the '70s magazines about diet food proliferated like mushrooms after the rain, published a book on how to keep the figure, "diet" sodas replaces the former pereslaschennye - and women sought to show their achievements with the help of mini-skirts and shorts.
A brief history of short pants
The variety of shorts 70: elegant shorts, dresses, shorts, crochet shorts with prints, warm shorts in the winter.
A brief history of short pants
Above: the stars in shorts. Sex symbol of the 1970s, Raquel Welch. Veruschka. British pop star Lulu. Below: not as pliable, but terribly fashionable suede shorts.
In love shorts 70s there were many, and feminism. Designer Mary Quant, who is credited with inventing taken miniskirts, said: "In shorts can fearlessly run for the bus." "Yes, and up the stairs in the dormitory," - agreed with her girls, who hated sexist jokes. Nevertheless, by the mid '70s hot pants were declared a symbol of prostitutes (kids, color and dysfunctional, use drugs for fun). But the nascent disco movement made his uniform shorts.
A brief history of short pants
Disco hot pants back. This summer, they have been presented in many cheap girls' collections.
About denim shorts (Daisy Dukes)
Radically short shorts denim in 1956 the company has offered Wrangler, but widely accepted they had no inheritance remained diehard fashionistas. The madness started when released in the 1979th went American TV series The Dukes of Hazzard (Dukes of Hazzard). Actress Catherine Bach, shaken dull wardrobe her character Daisy Duke, personally introduced him cutoffs and spawned the fashion at all times. Catherine showed a bad example from 1979 to 1985, which would have been forgotten if not for the video Duice rapper called Dazzey Duks, hitovavshee in the 90s. In 2005 there was a film based on the "Dukes", where Jessica Simpson went back and forth in an even steeper disfigured jeans. Since any American waitress considers them his working clothes, and we have to enjoy every summer denim shorts in teenagers with messy hanging out of their pockets.

Duice - Dazzey Duks
A brief history of short pants
Daisy Dukes in development: from Catherine Bach (top left) and Jessica Simpson (top right) to porn options and hanging pockets

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