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Man has long been fascinated by flight, and thanks to modern technology, this dream has become a reality. However, everything has its price. Machine, as people tend to make mistakes sometimes, and even minor mistakes can be deadly consequences. While we try to learn from every disaster and improve the equipment, there are some disasters that leave us in thought about the fact that all the same happened.
Flight 19
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Flight 19 began as a normal training mission for the US Navy, and ended six of the missing aircraft, giving rise to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Five Marine Aircraft Avenger, who went to Flight 19 (led by Charles Taylor) took off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 5, 1945. The weather was clear, and nothing no signs of trouble. But 90 minutes later, the pilots something disoriented, they could not recognize the landmarks below. According to a radio transmission, compass Taylor began to malfunction, and it seemed that it confuses the Florida Keys to the Bahamas. Command Tower tried to send Taylor back to Fort Lauderdale, and his students asked him to go to the west, but Taylor continued to lead them in an unknown direction next to the sea. Ultimately, the tower lost contact with the five planes, and none of them have not been found to this day. What's even more amazing rescue aircraft also went missing that night in search of the team Taylor. Many assume that they simply exploded in the air, they just disappeared from the radar. One of the most curious things in this incident - that Taylor asked without explanation removal from the mission. The Navy rejected his request, and he was forced to continue a fatal mission. What was the reason Taylor, not wanting to fly on that day?

EgyptAir Flight 990
On the Day of Halloween 1999 EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean - killing all 217 passengers on board. The Egyptian authorities (ECAA) investigated the accident, but because they had limited resources, and the accident occurred in international waters, they asked for help from the US National Transportation Safety Board. NTSB agreed to help and discovered foul play, and then decided to connect to the investigation by the FBI. Egyptians refused and insisted that NTSB investigation continued. However, when the evidence of the crime continues to open, the Egyptians decided to start their own expertise. As you might guess, the US NTSB and the Egyptian ECAA come to two different conclusions. The United States decided that the second pilot was suicidal and deliberately destroyed the aircraft for personal, reasons unknown.Egyptians also brought the incident to mechanical problems. This explanation did not satisfy conspiracy theorists, who touted the idea of terrorism and conspiracy. They are inclined to believe that everything was planned to kill 33 members of the Egyptian government, which were on board. Although we may never know exactly what happened, concluding negotiations decryption pilots give us a pretty good idea. The pilot says, "What is it? What is it? You switch off the engine? ". Meanwhile, the co-pilot responds: "I rely on God."
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Stardust (Star Dust) was a civilian version of the Bomber Lancaster, registered in the British South American Airways. In 1947, the plane made ​​flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile, but disappeared in the Andes minutes before its scheduled landing. At the last moment the radio operator of the aircraft gave one final, perplexing Morse code message: «STENDEC».Did not find any traces of StarDust, and after an extensive search of the alleged crash site, the researchers came to the conclusion that he would never know what had happened to the plane. Fifty years later, the travelers found the wreckage in a melting glacier. Stardust off course during low visibility by mistake crashing into a cloud-covered mountain range. Nakhodka debris allowed to drop version of sabotage and kidnapping foreign, but the value "STENDEC" remains a mystery to this day.
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Flight 191
Flight 191 does not refer to a specific disaster, but rather to incidents that occurred during the flights at number 191. In fact, there were so many disasters, that, as in the case of hotel owners who refused to 13th floor, some superstitious airlines fully done away with the number "191". Since the 1960s, five flights with the number 191 ended in fatal crashes, including the worst plane crash in US history: Flight 191 American Airlines, which killed 273 people. Last time, in 2012, Flight 191 JetBlue Airways hit the headlines after the pilot lost his mind during the flight and began ranting about Jesus, terrorists and 9/11. He was kicked out of the cockpit and co-pilot twisted passengers. Later, he was placed in a psychiatric hospital. Although the failure of flights ending in 191, most likely - a coincidence, numerologists are still trying to decipher the hidden meaning of these numbers.
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Flight 739 Flying Tiger
In 1962, the US military chartered flight 739 Flying Tiger, to transport supplies and soldiers from California to Saigon, Vietnam.After stopping to refuel in Guam, the aircraft L-1049 took off and disappeared over the Philippine Sea. There was no distress call, and the weather was clear - it seemed that the plane just disappeared. After searching four divisions of the armed forces all 107 people on board were considered dead. Flying Tiger has never been found. Since no remains were found, researchers can not determine what happened to Flight 739. In addition to the assumptions about the conspiracy theories, some witnesses claim they saw smoke and a bright flash of light in the place of the expected position of the aircraft.
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USAir flight 427
132 passengers who boarded Flight 427 USAir, expect a short trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, within 10 minutes after takeoff, the aircraft inexplicably fell sharply at speeds approaching 500 miles per hour. All 132 people on board were killed. This was one of the deadliest disasters in American history, and a picture of the destruction was scared even battered veterans. Typically, researchers can determine the cause of the disaster for a week or two, but for Flight 427 took four years to determine the cause of the failure. The auditors examined every imaginable theory and ultimately decided that the defect caused the wheel pilots lose control. Unraveling the mystery, there was another question: Did USAir problems helm in their 737 airplanes? Similar catastrophes in the 1990s have already occurred and some have argued that USAir could have prevented the tragedy. 427 if they investigated other disaster more carefully. Many families of the victims sued USAir Inc.and Boeing Co. The two companies decided to avoid a trial, paying nearly $ 50 million.
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TWA Flight 800
In 1996, TWA Flight 800 crashed 12 minutes after takeoff from John F. Kennedy Airport - killed 230 people. After four years of research the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that defective wiring caused a spark that ignited the fuel aircraft. However, this explanation is contrary to the hundreds of witnesses who say they saw the streak of light hit the plane below. These reports led some to believe that the aircraft was shot down by a missile actually. Who could shoot down civilian aircraft? One of the prevailing theories - that US forces mistakenly struck him during naval exercises, which have been identified off the coast of Long Island on the same day. Other mysteries surrounding the case, include explosive residues on the details of the aircraft, the statement that the FBI rigged evidence and inconsistencies between radar data and the official theory.
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Flight 447 Air France
Flight 447 In 2009, Air France inexplicably crashed and fell into the Atlantic Ocean - killing 228 people. There was no distress call, and no one knew that the plane crashed, until a few hours have passed, when pilots have not established their scheduled contact with air traffic control. Plane on autopilot, as expected, was considered the most secure, and it seemed inconceivable for him to just disappear. It was incredibly difficult to find the cause of the disaster - the wreckage were at the bottom of the ocean. The study seemed hopeless, when the black boxes were found 30 days later, they stopped to signal beacons. However, the French authorities continued to search. In 2011, a private team was hired for the job, and they found boxes during the week, as well as the remains of more than 100 bodies. It was determined that the aircraft crashed due to pilot error after the autopilot failed. Although much of the mystery was finally solved, many still wonder how experienced pilots (there were three on board) lost control of the aircraft when it is manageable situation.
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Pan American Flight 7
November 8, 1957 Pan Am Flight 7 was just beginning luxury round the world trip, when he crashed into the Pacific Ocean, killing 44 people. Wreckage was found a week later, when the American aircraft carrier sea discovered the bodies floating in the north-east of Honolulu. The authorities were unable to pinpoint the cause of the accident, but there are a few interesting facts about the crash. Firstly, have not been sent any distress signals, and toxicology reports have shown that some passengers had high levels of carbon monoxide. More than 50 years later, people are still looking for answers. Some current theories include areas from angry members of the team, insurance fraud and engine failure.
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January 30, 1979-year cargo Boeing 707-323S make flights from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro with refueling in Los Angeles. 20 minutes after departure from Tokyo's Narita airport crew board PP-VLU running Gilberto Araujo da Silva contacted the dispatcher reported that the flight goes well, but the next session did not come out. After an hour of unsuccessful attempts to contact the dispatcher sounded the alarm. During the eight days of 70 Japanese and American ships scoured every inch of this corner of the Pacific Ocean, which allegedly disappeared Boeing, but no trace of the crash or emergency landing was not found, and this is when plane crashes ( which was believed to have occurred) incredible rarity.

Gilberto Araujo da Silva According to one version, the plane could fall due to overload: allegedly takeoff weight was close to the maximum possible, but this does not explain why an experienced crew failed to report problems to climb. According to other sources, the cause of the crash could serve as a unique cargo: among other things, the plane was carrying 153 paintings of the cult Japanese-Brazilian artist Manabu Mabe, who could become the object of desire of any crazy collectors, but none of the paintings that were in that collection, to has not yet been "floated". One of the pictures Manabu Mabe There are various explanations of the story, including the abduction of "Boeing" aliens and attack the Soviet fighters, but the most plausible scenario states that the crew lost consciousness due to the gradual loss of pressurization, then airliner on autopilot flew a great distance and fell somewhere in Alaska, where he lies still. Flight RG-820 Be that as it may, there is still no clear answer to the question, what happened to the board PP-VLU, it leaves food for thought proponents of conspiracy theories and seeking contact with extraterrestrials.

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