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Living in the eastern part of Australia's peacock spider (Maratus volans) - must be one of the most beautiful in the world of spiders. Extraordinary appeal gives it a motley abdomen, which he spreads just like a peacock spreads its tail.


Spider-peacock (Maratus volans) - the most beautiful spider in the world.

Peacock spider the size of about 5 millimeters. It's amazing how many bright colors on these tiny creatures.

Peacock spider the size of about 5 millimeters


 The male spider-colored abdomen, which he spreads the same way as a male peacock spreads its tail like a fan. This bellied spider attracts females.

The male spider-peacock-colored belly, like a fan

Seeing a female, this little spider lifts the abdomen and gives it an oval shape. Then he picks up a couple of his paws. When the female approaches him, he starts to perform the marriage ritual shaking belly, legs and dynamically moves from side to side.

Spider-peacock mating dance performed in front of a female

Ritual to attract females into a real dance, very bright and beautiful.

Ritual to attract female spider

The purpose of such rituals - to demonstrate all his brilliance and splendor.

Peacock Spider - mating dance

If the female is like a dance, it will allow to mate with her.

Peacock tail spider


Unfortunately, if the male will not be able to hit a female, he can become its prey.

Courtship ritual peacock spider

Dance of the peacock spider can only be viewed close-up camera lens with a multiple increase - is one example of the amazing beauty of nature that surrounds us every day, but inaccessible to the naked eye.

Dance of the peacock spider macro

Peacock Spider has excellent vision, despite its small size, it can detect prey at a distance of 20 centimeters.

Beautiful peacock spider

Brilliant color does not just decorative - it helps the spider survive.

Spider peacock with bright colors

Peacock spider lives in the Australian states of New Wales and Queensland.

Peacock spider lives in the Australian states of New Wales and Queensland.

purple spider-peacock

red spider peacock

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