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To avoid or stage work, cons often have to feign illness. There are special recipes that criminal fraternity developed and tested in the days of hard labor. These tricks and began to use in areas of the Gulag. Lawyers pretended illness to get to the hospital, where, according to tradition, thieves, appointed shodnyak. Depending on the size of the gathering, medical facilities could be different. It was therefore different and severity of "malaise."

According to the old laws of thieves, con crown allowed only during shipment go to the prison hospital. Candidate for the honorary title had something to do with herself, to cause concern doctors. Sometimes, the applicant in pursuit of the title even inflicted self-harm and got to the hospital for delivery of the crown.
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Simulation of illness or intentional mutilation prisoners called mostyrkami (or mastyrkami). The list is so big, that would pull a good collection of recipes camp. In 1987, the Soviet camp life researcher Jacques Rossi published in London "Guide to the Gulag." The author did not ignore mostyrki. The most popular look like. In the women's camps, the most simple and enjoyable means to avoid pregnancy was considered work. Convicted women provoke men's camp staff on proximity and tried to hide an interesting situation to the point where no one to carry out an abortion risk. Pregnant zechka freed from everyday work for several months. It almost everyday recipes referred excessive water consumption, which could result in dropsy. To cause thirst, prisoners ate salt whole pieces.Palpitations cause water extract of tobacco, which they drank three times a day.

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To simulate severe purulent wound con cut skin incision and injected into the thread, which brushed his teeth. Infection did its job, and after two or three days the wound scared of the pretender. The painful, but effective, was considered cauterization of the penis. Wincing in pain, con genital organ handles a burning cigarette. The wound looks like sifilisnoy ulcers, and mostyrschik went to venereal department. Simulation gonorrhea tolerated no less painful: the urethra with a syringe injected liquid soap, causing irritation and discharge suspicious. If boiling water to pour on the leg or arm is not directly, but through a cloth, scalded skin resembles its swelling and redness uniform gangrene.

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Acute intestinal poisoning or dysentery imitated that ate a few pieces of ordinary soap. Who could not swallow soap, drinking soapy water. A few hours later appeared abdominal cramps and severe diarrhea. Who wishes to receive the heat injected under the skin of kerosene. In addition to temperature, boils appeared, which could also be used when "diagnosis." In a joint arms or legs driven into the needle. Joint swelled, chenille and fell under the signs of broken limbs. Upscale mostyrka determined only by X-ray. It got up and intentional self-harm. During the severe frosts of the window exposed fingers (less legs). Frostbite often resulted in the amputation of fingers or a brush. Swallow toothbrushes, nails, spoons. Sometimes, the prisoners cut off his own fingers mostyrya industrial injury. To avoid phase, prisoners used mostyrku, not even trying to mimic the disease. For instance, nailed to a wooden floor or stool scrotum, only damaging the skin. A few days spent on it to "disconnect" prisoner. Past mostyrku say it is relatively painless. It happened that mostyrschik thread sewed his mouth. Pull stage can be by chemical and pencil. Enough to pound lead and cover their eyes to cause temporary blindness. Even prisoners pretend illness, to avoid the lock-up. Each decision to land at the lock-up must sign a medical unit. Masterfully executed mostyrka provides transfer to lighter work during the regular medical examination for compliance with labor category. Three of them: TFT (hard physical work), SFT (Intermediate), LFT (light). The popularity and treachery camp mostyrok remembered Solzhenitsyn in "Archipelago" Gulag ": "Another thing - mostyrka, cripple so that live and stay, and people with disabilities. As they say, a minute of patience - year tilting. Break a leg but then fused to false. Salted water to drink - swell. Tea or smoking - it's against the heart. A tobacco infusion drink - against the light well. Only a measure needs to be done so as not to let through peremostyrit disability grave not skaknut. And who knows the measure? .. " "Repair bolts" So call in the area of underground operation to implant into the penis plastic ball designed to give the partner or the partner an unforgettable experience. Such surgery in manhood was observed in pre-revolutionary Dauprat. Half a century later, the methods and tools camp "surgeons" have not changed. Despite the painful surgery and its complications.Subtleties secret camp surgery, once popular among the prisoners, Igor Guberman reflected in their "walk around the barracks." Plastic bead implanted into the penis, called the satellite. The satellite was placed no one (whether it was necessary because of venturing all the fuss?), and two or three such major bean makes the penis rather an instrument of torture than pleasure. Owners of satellite loved to tell how they cried with happiness girlfriend. Now about the operation. The large dirty-brown piece of soap carefully cut a small hole. Instead of cutting knife prisoners used aluminum spoons, sharp-edged on the concrete floor. Above the pit carved in soap melted at a burning match plastic bag. Uttering vile smell of acrid smoke and blowing, the package melt and drip into the hole. When the pit is full, the prisoners waited cellophane mass cools. Then a bar of soap was cut by the same handle of a spoon and pulls the resulting solid clot that started a long time to grind the concrete floor of the camera. Turley piece until until it turns into a big smooth bean. After that, the case was taken for local "surgeon". His main tool - Turned from a toothbrush handle. You can not use a razor: the incision should be ragged and uneven. The patient is put on a member of the table at which the camera is usually eaten, and delayed two fingers on it, rasplastyvaya on the table, skin at the base of the head. The expert instructed by satellites tip of the toothbrush handle and strongly hit the top.In the role of the hammer appeared that the thickest of the books in the chamber. Assistant (expert operator), ignoring the blood quickly pushed into the ragged slit bean-satellite. The wound was immediately bombarded with crushed white pills streptotsida improvised and tied with a cloth. Often served with a bandage torn T-shirt. The satellites were worn long and cut the camp doctor after the first medical examination: this required departmental instructions. Cons is well known and tried to hang on to a meeting with his girlfriend. Clinicians in order to foster "a humane, reasonable and neozloblyayuschego" tried to cut the satellite is not immediately at receipt prisoner in the camp, but only for an hour before a date when the wife came to him and he came to a mandatory medical examination before a date. In the current zones "repair bolts "occurs much less frequently. If it is held, it is not medieval - methods, and using a surgical scalpel and disinfectants.

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