Friday, November 21, 2014

History In Photos

These photos represent a unique look at the history of this, as we know it. Until the 1970s, color photography was rare, so the historical events in our minds are presented in black and white colors, they are seen thee distant, faint and indistinct. This 25 color pictures weighty historical events and personalities. This is the only chance to see the story for what it was!

Claude Monet in 1923.

Pablo Picasso.

President Lincoln with Major General Allan Pinkerton MakKlernandom and in a town of Antietam, Maryland, in 1862.

Lee Harvey Oswald, 1963. Oswald lead to questioning on the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Helen Keller meets comedian Charlie Chaplin, 1918.

Girls, delivering ice, 1918.

Winston Churchill, 1941.

Albert Einstein, 1921.

Madison Square, around 1900.

The crash of the airship "Hindenburg".

British soldiers returning from the front in 1939.

Marilyn Monroe.

Soldiers on Passover during the Second World War.

Murphy tests the vest in 1923.

Pilots are sheared while he reads a book before an important mission.

Sioux Native American tribal group on horseback, 1905.

AZS Washington, DC, 1924.

Henry Ford, in 1919.

The boys bought flowers, 1908.

Farmer during the dust storm, Oklahoma, 1939.

Louis Armstrong plays for his wife Lucille in Cairo, Egypt in 1961.

Brooklyn Bridge, 1904.

Two boxers after the fight.

Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield.

Kennedy brothers outside the Oval Office.

It's great that you have the opportunity to see history in color.

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