Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Old things

Old things, served for many years,
became useless, but do not rush to junk
send them, just for the sake of fashion trends -
Companions on our debt everyday way. Every day, surrounded by his care - From the Cradle to the first wrinkles and gray hairs. Old things Warm and cozy. Why are there - in his grandfather's chair we are sitting with a young daughter.

Wiped skin on the back of the plush dog -
true friend for games and pillows for dreams.
Mamin Mike Farley, slightly stained clay,
daughter also love - well, that is not new. Grandmothers of our chest of drawers - "museum piece," In the cracks cover and drawers plaintive creaking. Frames with a photo on it - the grown-up baby, Mother's joy - pride komodik-old man.

Old things that hold views babies
faithfully served from year to year.
And anywhere from a painful feeling not escape:
Old things - they live the memory of childhood.

© Copyright: Nina Novikova, 2011

Old things

Antiques, vintage photos,
so you keep the warmth and care,
Oh, throw you out! - Yes prevents us something,
And time invisibly directs its countdown. Suddenly the pain suddenly breaks out furtively: Dried flower in old blue notebook, And the smell of lilacs, and the bitterness of wormwood, Peaks cloud in the sky dark blue. Now stored in cabinets and chests, dresses and cardigans Those that went out of fashion, and a hat with a veil, and shawl - is covered by the statute of limitations a gray dust.

And rusty iron here looks guiltily,
rag doll that is sewn from wool.
corner in the blue of the beam shines:
We went with him to the spring for water. But passport with golden vignette - And the collar of his shirt buttoned up tight. icon on the chest, diamond dimly flickering ... What lies ahead? - Dad does not know. Antiques - particles of the past,we linked the invisible thread. And again, in silent conversation times - generations I silently bow my knees in front of you.

© Copyright: Zinaida Silkin, 2010

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