Saturday, October 4, 2014


For you ... Seven elephants happiness.

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"Seven elephants happiness"  - popular throughout the XX century in Europe (in the narrow-minded and petty environment) set of decreases from the first to the seventh sculptures of elephants. But as time passed, the era has changed and elephants again emerged at flea markets and antique stores there. They again put in a prominent place, often without thinking, just out of habit. Seven elephants symbolize comfort, safety and warmth of the hearth.
      Indians went from the custom of giving happiness seven elephants - figurines made ​​of bone, wood or other material. Legend says that the elephants come to childless women, asking them for help to be born heir.
 In China, it is believed that the elephant attracts good luck. It is a symbol of stability and sustainability. Elephant figurine is recommended to put on the window sill, trunk toward favorable flying stars, then it will attract good luck into the house from the street through the window. Symbol of wealth is the one elephant's trunk is raised up.
 Gustave Max Stevens

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