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15 useful items that invented children
You will not believe, but the snowmobile, Braille and rocking chair was invented children.
January 17 in the world celebrated a rather unusual holiday: child inventors. This is the date for the holiday was not chosen randomly. On this day in 1706, Benjamin Franklin was born, a prominent political figure who became famous in adolescence all around their inventions. For example, he invented flippers for swimming, when he was 12 years later, he received a patent for the rocking chair and suggested notation "+" and "-" for the electrically charged states.
It turns out that not all familiar to us the things that make our lives easier and more interesting to have been invented in serious uncles gowns and goggles. We have assembled the most amazing stories of children's inventions, many of which solve serious contemporary problems.


Invented by Louis Braille, 15 years
15 useful items that invented children
15-year-old Louis Braille in 1824 invented the font, which made reading accessible for blind people, and is still used around the world. It is based - the "night font" Captain Charles Barbier artillery that was used at the time for military reports read in the dark.


Invented by: Joseph-Armand Bombardier, 15 years
15 useful items that invented children
Snowmobile came up with the young Canadian Joseph-Armand Bombardier. It all started at a time when his father on the 15th anniversary gave his son battered «Ford T». Less than a week later, Joseph Ford dismantled for parts and built a model of snowmobile. He founded the company Bombardier, the famous manufacturer of aircraft, snowmobiles but they release so far.

A new method for cancer diagnosis

Invented by Jack Andraka, 15 years
15 useful items that invented children
15-year-old student came up with a new technique for the diagnosis of cancer. This is a test for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, ovarian and lung in the early stages, and it turned out to be much faster and cheaper than previously used counterparts. Results can be obtained in five minutes


Invented by John Nissen, 16 years
15 useful items that invented children
The idea of ​​creating a trampoline belongs to 16-year-old gymnast George Nissen. Trampoline for almost eighty-year history has not changed, as all ingenious is simple. As before, it is the same design as the steel frame and canvas stretched on springs.

Transmission electron image

Inventor: Philo Farnsworth, 15 years
15 useful items that invented children
Modern TV Philo Farnsworth owes much to that of 15 years presented to the teacher of chemistry project of electronic image transmission over long distances. After 4 years, he has developed a vacuum tube to create images in which the phosphorus shone under the influence of the electrons. In 1927, he first realized the transmission electron image - the horizontal line. Prior to that, the TV worked on mechanical units. And the Farnsworth pass for "mad genius" became the prototype of Professor Hubert Farnsworth, the hero of the animated series "Futurama."

Device for the hearing impaired

Invented by: John Cohn, 14 years
15 useful items that invented children
14-year-old John Cohn developed a device Good Vibrations, allows you to convert sound waves into tactile sensations. So hard of hearing people can feel the music. This idea came Cohn in the head as he kissed his teeth to the guitar, and in 2012 he was the winner of Google Science Fair.

Personal Submarine

Inventor: Justin Bekermen, 18 years old
15 useful items that invented children
And American student Justin Bekermen created a portable submarine, which cost his family all in 2000 dollars. This miniature submarine, built of large diameter plastic pipe, allows to dive to a depth of two meters and stay there for several hours.

A new kind of battery

Invented: Aisha Khare, 18 years old
15 useful items that invented children
Schoolgirl from California has developed a new kind of batteries for mobile phones. Energy in them is filled in 20-30 seconds and lasts a long time. For his invention girl got a prize for young scientists from the company Intel.

Ice cream "popsicles"

Invented by Frank Epperson, 11 years
15 useful items that invented children
According to legend, in the evening on the porch of the boy forgot a glass of soda (it was winter), and in the glass left stick, which soda powder is mixed with water. 18 years later, in 1923, the grown Epperson used his discovery in the business and opened with a frozen lemonade.

Lollipops hiccups

Invented: Mallory Kyuvmen, 13 years
15 useful items that invented children
13-year-old schoolgirl Mallory Kyuvmen from the United States invented a cure for hiccups. This candy, which include sugar and apple cider vinegar. The novelty has already received the name «Hiccupops».

Toy Dump Truck

Invented by Robert Patch, 6 years
15 useful items that invented children
Toy dump truck with a folding body invented (and even patented the idea in 1936), a six-year Robert Patch. He painted toy to his father made him exactly the same. In the picture - a drawing of a patent, the first version probably looked a little different. Of course, dump at that time already existed, but these were not toys.

Robot to measure the premises

Inventor: Maxim Lem, 12 years old
15 useful items that invented children
12-year-old Maxim Lem from the city created a robot to perform the functions of engineers BTI (measurer). The robot scans the room, measures the area of ​​the plan and with the help of a radio signal transmits the data to the computer.

A new kind of printmaking

Inventor: Anastasia Rodimin, 10 years old
15 useful items that invented children
10-year-old Muscovite has become the youngest owner of a patent in Russia when he invented a new kind of printmaking. The discovery was made by accident: she forgot monotype, overlaid with her a piece of paper on the window. A few days later the paint faded, and those that were hidden under a piece of paper, to maintain a clear path and remain bright. Patent helped her arrange a grandfather who was a co-author.

Means for painless removal of bandages

Alanna Myers, 8 years
15 useful items that invented children
8-year-old Alanna Myers in Florida has invented a tool for painless removal of bandages. The product includes soap, lavender oil and water. This idea came to her after she was discharged from the hospital, and she had to take off the bandages - a process which, as we know, can be very painful.

Hearing protection

Inventor Chester Greenwood, 15 years
15 useful items that invented children
15-year-old Chester Greenwood invented the ear protection in 1873. Such an idea was born out of necessity: the boy loved to skate and asked his grandmother to sew fur pieces to the wire, to protect the ears from the cold. Later, these headphones have improved, and are now used model, for example, to protect against loud noise.

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