Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The amazing story of the photographer managed to capture in Botswana. He stumbled on a group of several baboons, which pursued a lioness. Unfortunately, the predator caught one of the baboons. It turned out that already dead monkey cub was still ...
At some point the baby leaped from a dead mother's body and ran to the nearest tree, but to get to it but could not.
Lioness approached him, and the photographer was waiting for the massacre, but ...
Surprisingly, against a small baboon lioness did not show anything but a cautious curiosity. She just started playing with it.
The situation was very unusual.
Over time, the baby stopped being afraid and started to behave with a lioness, as with his own mother.
Other lions that were interested in the young, were obtained from a lioness categorical rebuff.
On a nearby tree and sat baboon watched the scene.
As soon as an opportunity, he quickly jumped down and dragged a baby in a safe place. 

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