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Tepuis - where no man has gone before
Writes Space.Cat:

It turns left on the planet really Lost worlds, where no man has gone before.

In the south-eastern part of Venezuela is one of the most amazing places on our planet. Surrounded by savannah and jungle safely hidden from the eyes of people isolated area with unique flora and fauna. This area is known as the "tepui", which has received from the eponymous Indian tribe that once lived in these places.

Tepuis or tepuy (type) - Table Mountain, located on the Guiana Highlands in South America, mostly in Venezuela. word "tepuis" in the language of the Pemon Indians inhabiting the Gran Sabana region, meaning "home of the gods." Tepuis are mostly isolated from each other, towering cliffs above the jungle difficult to access, making them carriers of a unique set of endemic plants and animals. Scientists say that these mountains are composed of hard sandstone, with steep, almost vertical slopes and flat, truncated corners - the oldest in the world. They were formed as a result of the destruction of the vast plateau in prehistoric times, which stretched from the shores of the Atlantic to the borders of the river basins of the Orinoco, the Amazon and Rio Negro. Back in the days when Africa and South America were one, about 200 million years ago, a plateau occurred at the site of a giant lake. Plateau consisted of sandstone and was located on a granite base; over time erosion has transformed the plateau in the Monadnock several of which were formed tepuis, covered with erosion-resistant rocks. Similar funnels are available in several tepuis, they were formed after the rains washed vaults caves, consisting of sandstone. most profound is the cave «Abismo Guy Collet », a depth of 671 m. article, analysis of water, which is stored in natural lakes in the tepuis, is of great quality. As a rule, tepuis consist of a single block of Precambrian sandstone or quartzite, which soars dramatically above the surrounding jungle to the heights of over 2,000 m. In many tepuis are water-washed caves such as cave-Abismo Guy Collet (English. Abismo Guy Collet) depth 671 m, as well as sinkholes up to 300 m in diameter, formed in the collapse of the vaults of tunnels and underground rivers. German researcher Robert Schomburgk visited the area in 1835. He was struck by the mesas, but attempts to climb one of them failed. Only half a century later, in 1884, a British expedition led by Everard Im Thurn managed to climb to the summit of Mount Roraima. However, it is a report on the expedition to the area of Robert Schomburgk tepuis inspired writer Arthur Conan Doyle to write the novel "The Lost World" on opening plateau Amenities of prehistoric animal and plant species. In 1912, the writer had read reports about found in the mountains of South America and was so impressed that sat down to write a new novel. Described in the book lost in the jungle plateau does have a lot in common with the tepui. tepuis are in many sinkholes up to 300 m in diameter, formed in the collapse of the vaults of tunnels and underground rivers, as well as water-washed caves such as cave «Abismo Guy Collet» depth of 671 m . Auyantepui considered the largest of tepuy, and an area of about 700 square meters. km! It is on this plateau is Angel Falls, which is the highest waterfall in the world.Angel originates on Mount Auyan and breaks into the abyss with a height of 979 meters, and the height of the continuous fall of as much as 807 meters! The height of the waterfall twice the Empire State Building, and three times the Eiffel Tower! Large drop height - 979 meters - leads to the fact that, before reaching the earth's surface, the water breaks down into tiny spray and turns into a thick fog, which envelops the surrounding countryside. One of the most beautiful tepuy - out - towering over the forest and rocks at 1300 meters. It is special because that is thoroughly permeated the cave, going from one end to the other. Plateau outs adorn the dark gray rocks of different shapes and the surrounding crater filled with pure water. Plateau mountains is completely isolated from the forest at the foot, which makes them "ecological islands", which is now preserved endemic species of flora and fauna, for thousands of years have developed in isolation. Another famous tepui is a mountain Sarisarinyama on which there is a lot of perfectly circular craters depth and diameter of several hundred meters. At the bottom of these craters grow unique plants that are not found anywhere else in the world! Funnels with crystal clear water are ubiquitous in many tepuis. Abismo Guy-Collette (born. Abismo Guy Collet) Different layers of sandstone are destroyed at different rates, so the plateau formed thousands of bizarre rocks.most famous tepuis received through bizarre rock formations, which are rising up to a height of 1.5-2 km and have a completely flat top. The researchers found that all of these rocks previously represented one single plateau. However, over time, erosion has destroyed its integrity, and instead of the plateau appeared several bizarre rocks. example, each peak of the mountain really is unique, since it has grow a variety of plants, preserved as much since prehistoric times.This was only possible thanks to the insulation of each mountain apart. Most of the rocks are a good distance from each other, overlooking the green canvas jungle. The most famous rock: Auyatepuy, Roraima and out. K highest tepuis are piso de Neblina (3,014 meters), Pico Phelps (2992 meters), Roraima (2,810 meters) and Cerro Marauaka (2 800 meters) . Tepui out known throughout the world thanks to the huge cave, which literally penetrates the mountain from one side to the other. The height is 1300 meters out, and the mountain rises majestically above the forest. Some tepuis well researched, while others have never gone before! Tepuis are still little explored and are of great interest to scientists. Overall, this area is not only incredibly beautiful but also very isolated and removed. To get to the tepuis is not so easy, as will overcome the hundreds of miles of virgin forests of South America. In addition, the tepuis without special climbing equipment just do not go up! Roraima - the highest tepuis in Venezuela. Its height is 2810 meters, and the top - the plateau area of 34 km & # 178; - Completely covered with dense vegetation, bizarre rocks, steep valleys, caves, small lakes and swamps. Local Indians call Mount Roraima "navel of the earth", and believe that at its peak the progenitor of the human race lives - Goddess Queen. These three, as well as many other lesser-known but no less beautiful tepuy are in the Canaima National Park, which lies in the south- the eastern part of Venezuela, at the junction of Brazil and Guyana.Reserve, stored on their territory invaluable natural wealth, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Canaima National Park Nature extraordinarily diverse and unique. Besides the majestic mesas, festooned with beautiful waterfalls in the park, you can see rare species of flora and fauna that are found exclusively in the area. For example, carnivorous plants, lured into their beautiful fragrant insect traps and eats them. Foothills and mountains surrounded by clouds entwined with forests, in which bright spots stand out fine bromeliads and orchids. tepuy On the tops of lush grasses and shrubs grow. No less rich in wildlife Venezuelan Park - here there are monkeys, a variety of sizes and types, jaguars, giant ants and a variety of small animals. But the greatest diversity of species can boast of world birds that live in large numbers on this rich earth.largest natural reserve in Venezuela, Canaima National Park, was founded in 1962 and is considered the oldest part of the Earth's age is greater than 2 million years. This lost world, as if by chance preserved the way it was many millions of years ago, visited daily by thousands of tourists. Canaima National Park offers travelers a fascinating tour by canoe along the lagoon, which runs four waterfalls. Two of them - Golondrina and Ukayma - you can see, sailing, canoeing, and under the other two - Acha and Sapo - paved path on which you can go inside the waterfall between the raging stream of water and rock: You can go to one of the most spectacular sights of the park - Angel Falls, trips which are made ​​either by boat or by plane. If you go on a boat tour, along the way you can see the picturesque Island of Orchids. exploring the life of Aboriginal people of this land, you can go to the northern part of Canaima, where the settlement of the Indians "Pemon." Here is a unique opportunity to plunge into the unknown culture, to communicate with the natives, to get acquainted with their customs, traditions, legends and way of life that has survived for a long time. Among other things, this area is shrouded in an aura of mystery and puzzles, which tells not only ancient legends and myths, but also reports of several expeditions organized by brave explorers. The last major official expedition into these remote places, namely Mount Roraima, was formed in 1965, son of the famous Juan Angel, the discoverer of the highest waterfall in the world.The diary of the expedition described the wonderful world in which the flat surface of the top of the mountain is covered with quaint hills, in the form resembling mushrooms, scattered everywhere unusual depressions filled with water, and besides those already known to science animals, it was found an unusual creature, which was named kadborozavrom.Unprecedented beast had a horse's head and body of a snake with humps on its back. Here were found the frog, the eggs hatch, nasekomye- bloodsuckers, which did not act any chemical remedies, giant ants longer than 5 cm, capable of its sharp teeth snacking small branches of trees. biggest discovery for scientists was the discovery of the remains of ancient animals, who until recently lived in these places. There is speculation that they were killed as a result of experiments, aliens. On this conjecture has prompted scientists discovered a large circular platform expedition, devoid of vegetation and with all those silver powder of unknown origin. Later laboratory studies have shown that it is an alloy of rare metals, which in terrestrial conditions create simply unrealistic. Examination of caves researchers have found a large number of rock paintings depicting animals and fantastic creatures, vaguely similar to humans. Members of the expedition found a few crypts, within which was a thick fog and vital sweet smell. Some members of the team, having inhaled the strange aroma for a few days fell into a coma, and when she awoke, told his colleagues about the incredible visions and travel to other worlds. After this incident, it was decided to go back, but there is a new surprise waiting for travelers: it does could not find a way out of this vicious world, as if some mysterious force in every way interfere with this. Only a few months later, exhausted people managed to find the exit to return home. They claim that they were helped by some unknown force, which picked them up and slowly lowered to the central square of one of the Indian settlements. When scientists finally got to civilization, we found that the family had long lost hope of their return: after the expedition, which is the plan was to come back after a few months of work, was missing for four years. long time in this region is not organized the expedition, but today this lost world, before inspiring fear in people, visited daily by several dozen adventurers. Only for safety reasons, it is desirable to make the ascent with an experienced guide.

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