Friday, September 19, 2014


Stunning shots, plus the attention and creative mind of the photographer.beach
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Nasty fall. Onebigphoto
Eruption angry volcano Cordon Kaulle, Chile. © Rival Gustavo
No world bulwark than our native swamp! © Roman Mokrov
Girl in the tulip fields, Holland. Flickr
Balance. © Taro Smith
Happiness. © Kersti Kalberg
This very moment. © Richard Heeks
Yoga by the Sea. OMGFacts
Balls in the reservoir of Los Angeles. Reddit
Group weaver ants, Indonesia. Solent
Air rodeo, N. America. © Mark Caplan
On one side. © Lassi Rautiainen
Two of the world. © Marjan Radovic
Winter Kamchatka. © Igor Shpilenok
Game dolphins. © Nadia Aly
Column reindeer. © Stefan Brenner
Monument to Genghis Khan, Mongolia. Reddit
Light of the world in the Philippines. © Reuters
Polar bears. © Steven Kazlowski
Steel yourselves know that. Reddit
Island life. © Ian Beveridge
Vietnamese women. © Nguyen Bao Son
Underwater World. © RawSquirrel
Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Japan. © Miki Asai
Racing with the ship. © Richard Steinberger

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