Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Say, picture can tell more than a thousand words. Random pictures are always the most important and minor moments are always the most valuable. And not every photographer manages to capture the same frame, which will be admired and affects millions of people around the world.
In this article AdMe.ru gathered impressive pictures taken by photographers in different parts of the globe. Some cause bouts of emotion, some - surprise, and some - shock. But no one is indifferent.

Kangaroo wonders

Sometimes a hug - that's all you need
©  reddit

Caring mother

The newborn gorilla in the city zoo in Germany. ©  dailymail.co
New Life

Baby for the first time sees his brother. ©  frankguidophotos

Who but me

New York through the eyes of a dove

©  reddpics
Life goes on
The four-year refugee Aisha Daoud on religious instruction in a mosque in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. ©  Muhammed Muheisen / Associated Press
Printing time
Worn marble steps leading to the top of the Leaning Tower. ©  reddit
After separation of a lifetime
October 31, 2010 436 South Koreans were allowed to spend three days in North Korea to see their relatives, with whom they had not seen since the end of the war of 1950-1953. ©  news.asiaone
On the Loose
Six-month cub released to freedom in South Africa. ©  RachelSaonoy
Researcher in panda costume puts a panda cub into a box to take it to a physical. The picture was taken in the natural habitat of pandas - National Nature Reserve, China. Cub in the picture is being prepared for life in the wild. ©  reuters
Army poise
©  reddit
Superheroes on holiday
Mr. Spoke lying on a blanket and looked as if simply asleep. © naplesnews
Rescuing the Friars Minor
Fire koala watered during the devastating bushfires in Victoria, Australia.©  lapaginadebetobuzali.blogspot
Could not resist
©  vkmag.com
Before and after
©  Igvar App
Eternal pursuers
The power of love
Tombstone women Catholic and her husband, a Protestant, The Netherlands, 1888 ©  folhasocial
Saving nature
GreenPeace protest action in the water with photocopies of various attractions during the UN Conference on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico. ©  Eduardo Verdugo / AP Photo
Let go bask
Kronotsky, Kamchatka. ©  Andrei Gabov
Han Solo and Chewbacca
©  geektyrant
Show me who hurt you?
©  dogpic
Friend bought a milkshake
©  reddit
Fortune favors the bold
Ant crawling on the Mexican ostrogolovoy snake in the national reserve Ostinal, Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. ©  reuters
Two-month baby hippo takes a shower hose in the zoo of Berlin. © Markus Schreiber / AP Photo
A terrible beauty
Two human cancer cells before division by four. Image is magnified 100 times. ©  nikonsmallworld
Hey, what's the news?
©  reddit

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