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25 important training this month. Editor's Choice 

It happens that only one photo can tell a story or cause a storm of emotions. These are the pictures appear daily in our category "Photo of the Day."
Sometimes it's just a good angle or the right time. Sometimes the most beautiful landscape or unique phenomenon. And often it's just an amazing chronicle of our daily life, documented by photographers from around the world.
These pictures - all the beautiful, funny and heartbreaking thing that struck our readers over the past 30 days.

Photogenic child. Level: God.

Here's how to do family photos. Source: kukmor
Abrupt self-portrait
Simple guy Ferdinand Puentes was in a plane crash. But kept his head and took off his incredible, though, and a terrible self. ©  Ferdinand Puentes
A true friend
Photographer Elena Shumilova - the mother of two boys amicable nimble. Sons and their pets were the heroes of a series of mental pictures of life in the village. ©  Elena Shumilova

Apartment in which no one was 70 years old

In Paris, found an apartment, untouched for about 70 years. Originally it belonged to Lady Martha de Florian, who was a wealthy Parisian socialite and actress. She fled from Paris at the beginning of the Second World War, for fear of the Nazis, leaving all. Source: telegraph

Sand, magnified 300 times

Sand, enlarged 300 times. Professor Gary Greenberg of London is engaged in research and macro photography of sand from around the world. "Taking a walk on the beach, we do not even think, for some treasures go" - he commented your pictures. Source: sandgrains

Cold not only in Russia

National Park Niagara Falls. Throughout North America are the strongest in the last 20 years frosts. Incredibly low temperatures were caused by a polar cyclone that came from the Arctic. ©  AP

Waiting for football

Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. ©  AFP / EastNews

The main thing - peace of mind

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Cecilia Canetti engaged in yoga on a surfboard, while her favorite Polo rest between workouts: he and his mistress prepares for the second annual championship of surfing with a paddle, which will be held in Rio on February 16. It is expected that it will be attended by 50 dogs and their owners. ©  Silvia Izquierdo / AP / East News


And feed? ©  Gabriel Ciora-Márkus

The world's largest mosaic of land

In Hong Kong, created the world's largest mosaic of land in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Japanese chain restaurant Itacho Sushi. Over cooking delicious panels in the center of which is lined with the number 10, worked for more than 100 sushi masters. Mosaic area 37,16 m² in total it took 20,647 sushi tuna, salmon and other ingredients. Hong Kong sushi mosaic entered in the Guinness Book of Records. ©  Bobby Yip / Reuters / Vostock photo


Not bad!

Russian craftsmen made ​​tank - from the snow! Source: Ecolife

At the Palace of Versailles

Underground storage tanks at the Palace of Versailles. Once a year, before being included fountains, the water level is lowered. A unique opportunity to observe the underground vaults. ©  Jean-Marc Manali

Panda wants cake

It is very sweet wants ©  AP

Dwayne Johnson gave his housekeeper

Ford Edge 2014

Steep act tough guy ©  Dwayne Johnson

Perhaps not notice

Master of Disguise. Source:

Morning. Peter. Lucky perspective

New Year's holidays have been just fine ©  Alexander Sheremet'ev

X-ray telescope NASA, located on the orbiting observatory Chandra, captures "the hand of God." In fact, this nebula - a cloud of gas - about dead star ©  NASA

Bridge in Washington

And you would be able to have? ©  Isaac Gautschi

It bites!

Caught a fish more ©  Justin Hoffman


My sister to 6 years was allergic to wheat. Now she tasted bread for the first time in my life. She said it was the most delicious thing in the world.Source: Pikabu

No matter what

Dr. Ted Rummel from Missouri, USA, is paralyzed from the waist down.However, the disability has not prevented him from returning to work and handle patients in a wheelchair, which is contained in a vertical position. Source: Daily mail

Icelandic landscape

Moscow photographer Andrew Yermolaev captures incredible in its beauty landscape of Iceland, which looks more like some kind of an impressionist painting. ©  Andrei Yermolaev

To grandmother's not gossip

The guys were not afraid to get acquainted. Source: Vk

Frozen koala

Koala returned to the place of his house, but found him not. Worker noticed a koala sitting motionless in broad daylight at the top of the heap of sawdust over an hour. Source: wires

So far, my friends!

And have a good weekend! ©  Kevin Dietrich 

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