Sunday, February 7, 2010

Treasures of the World’s Cultures ' Exhibition

The Treasures of the World’s Cultures exhibition brings together objects from the unparalleled collection of the British Museum. It is formed of artefacts from all historical eras and from all parts of the world.  From a stone handaxe that represents the first technology of our earliest human ancestors, the exhibition surveys human culture across civilisations, tracing the history of mankind from prehistory to the modern age.

The displayed material is both materially and visually diverse, ranging from classical sculptures to exquisite gold jewellery excavated in ancient Mesopotamia, from drawings by Renaissance masters to Native North American animal-skin coats.  The exhibition is divided into seven principle sections, the objects being organised according to geography and chronology. Object descriptions and introductory texts will encourage audiences to compare and contrast human experience and cultural achievement across time and place.

The Treasures exhibition allows the visitor to experience, in a distilled form, the breadth and diversity of the British Museum collection as it is presented in London.  This is the first time that this successful exhibition will be displayed at a European venue.

Here are few artifacts that will be displayed:

Bronze statuette of the goddess Bastet love

Sarcophagus Dzheho

Brass plaque from Benin

Kneeling statue of Ramses IV

Fragment of a copy of the Rosetta Stone

A copy of the Rosetta Stone

Bronze Shield from Wales and England

The image of the head of a bearded man, Khorsabad, northern Iraq

Tool gamelan, the island of Java

The statue of the two hounds, Lazio, Italy

Two-headed figure with the Society Islands

Sarcophagus Dzheho

The statue of the deity of Nimrud, northern Iraq

Women’s boots luck in high heels from Teri Greaves

Golden cast mark ruler or priest, Colombia

The statue of Eros, the Greek god of love

Ceramic cone Khaled Ben Slimane

Two lamps for the mosque from Egypt

Deer and pine trees in the snow – Japan.

Brass head of the monument from Benin

Brass plaque from Benin

Galaxy Tokuda Yasokichi III

Man-bird depicted on a boulder from Rapanui


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