Monday, December 21, 2009


Last week I had a request for Cowgirl images. I don't actually run across a lot of these, maybe because I live on the East Coast, or maybe there just aren't a lot out there. Anyway, I did dig up these two old photos, they are not from my personal collection, but they are public domain images. I hope you like them! Make sure you click on the pictures to bring up the largest size! This is a wonderful early print of a beautiful goddess!! I actually have a fabulous large black and white engraving of this, that hangs in my office. The one I have is too large to scan on my scanner so I was so happy to find this one. This is a lovely old Wedding photo of a beautiful bride and her bride's maids. I love the pretty ruffles on their dresses and check out those huge bouquets!! I've included two versions here, the first one is the original sepia toned version, and the second one I have cleaned up a bit more. This would make a fun card for a bridal shower!! I've been using this one on Etsy as a background for some jewelry that I posted, and I had two requests for this image today! This fabulous early engraving features a lovely young woman with several doves, standing in a formal garden. Such a romantic piece! This one comes from an amazing book that I picked up at auction a couple of months ago. It's actually from a ladies autograph book and it's filled with the most delightful handwritten poems and other wonderful engravings. Many of the written pieces are dated 1857! I brightened this one up a bit, but left the age spots intact for an authentically aged appearance. Well, I'm about 12 hours late with this one, sorry about that! Long day yesterday, but you'll get another one tonight. This a fun old photo of a ballerina, looking a little cupidesque with her bow and arrow! I've had this antique print for a very long time, probably 17 years or so. It's actually wrinkled and torn nearly in half when you see it in person, I'm so glad I saved it all these years, even though when I first acquired it I would have never thought it would be possible to correct it on a computer! I hope you can find something fun to make with this beautiful Victorian bride, she would make a lovely card for a bridal shower! Today my husband and I happened upon a wonderful yard sale! This image comes from a book, that I purchased at the yard sale, that was all about women's health. The woman is quite beautiful of course, but I also just adore the way the edges are torn and aged, it makes for such a great texture! I picked this little beauty up on a recent antiquing excursion. This is a pretty French postcard featuring a lady Gypsy or Mignon. A nice one for those Bohemian themed projects! This is a fun antique photo of a woman dressed in a Gypsy costume! This one is not from my personal collection, but it is in the public domain. A nice old photo to use in your collage or mixed media art projects! This is a wonderful old color plate of Victorian hats! The hats are quite ornate, they are embellished with lots of flowers, ribbons and feathers. This one is from an archived source and would be lovely to use in collage work, aceo's or mixed media projects! This might be a good one for Mother's Day too! I believe this was an old advertising piece, it appears to have been part of an old scrap album as it has lots of glue residue on the back. This lovely piece features a stunning Victorian woman holding a fan. The colors are just so vibrant and gorgeous on this one! This is a very pretty antique photo of a bride in her wedding gown, veil and gloves! This one is not from my personal collection, it's from a public domain archive, but I thought I would share it with you as it is such a lovely piece. Well, I haven't forgotten about all of you! I was on a buying trip in Atlanta for several days, buying some really CLICK NOW COLLECTION OF WORLD'S BEST WALLPAPERS WOW WHAT A BEAUTY AMAZING NATURE NATURE OF GOD JAZZ OF LIFE COOL PHOTOS BANK BEAUTY OF WILDLIFE BEST PHOTOS OF THE WORLD

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