Monday, December 21, 2009


Here's a lovely image for your last minute Thanksgiving projects! A beautiful pilgrim woman carrying a bunch of Holly. Not from my personal collection, but this is in the Public Domain. Today I added some antique engravings to my , including one of Ophelia. This isn't it, but it reminded me about the gorgeous colorful version of Ophelia that you see here. This one is not from my collection, but it is an archived image and is in the public domain. I just think she is so beautiful and ethereal, and the colors are marvelous. Some free buttons for your blog, done in silver German glass glitter. Check them out if you get a This is a wonderful old print of the most glorious looking angel. I love the regal looking Lion in this one as well! If you get a chance check out my other blog This is a beautiful old painting of a mother with her 3 precious children. This has gorgeous colors, soft blues, salmon pink and springy greens. Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms! This is a wonderful classic art piece of a princess wearing a jeweled crown. She has on a gorgeous brocade dress and a classic fur trimmed royal cape! This is a beautiful print from an old painting. This regal looking woman is wearing an ornate gold and white dress with the loveliest blue silk sash! CLICK NOW COLLECTION OF WORLD'S BEST WALLPAPERS WOW WHAT A BEAUTY AMAZING NATURE NATURE OF GOD JAZZ OF LIFE COOL PHOTOS BANK BEAUTY OF WILDLIFE BEST PHOTOS OF THE WORLD

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