Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stunning High-Speed Liquid Photography

High speed photography equipment) to create such frozen-in-time compositions, revealing the inherent energy, the dynamics of flowing water and the beauty of it all! Some artists substitute water with more viscous liquids, producing even more lava-lamp-like effects. But often just playing with coloring and light is enough to make an effective picture. In this article, we will try to cover a large variety of stunning high-speed liquid photography.

Luiz Luxvich makes startlingly clear images of splashing water

Amazingly, water looks simply great without any added coloring, like in these shots from the French photographer

Water Kiss!
Not mercury, not ice - just water... splendid Water

Woke up one morning, saw this thing crawling toward me across the sink... decided to go to sleep some more:-


For more great examples of colored drops high-speed photography we're going to recommend this flickr group. The following photographs, though, we've received without any credit, so please let us know if you recognize them:-

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