Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photos Of Poverty, Drug addiction

Tatiana 29-year-old , HIV-infected chronic drug addicts and prostitutes.

A mother, two of his drug addicted sons. Both sons are infected with HIV and chronic drug addicts.

Afghan Soviet army,a former soldier.

Tattooed man - Vitali, a drug addict with thirty years of experience.

HIV-infected patient under compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital in Poltava.

Mother with her HIV-infected Daughter.

HIV-infected patient, passing X-rays in the tuberculosis clinic.

A Woman of 45 years, she is HIV-infected.

Then - a young man.

The next series of images made in prison.

13-year-old homeless Dima. He lost his parents because of drugs and AIDS.

He uses drugs and needles for more than two years.He lives in a group of homeless teenagers.

Then - Volodyan, he is a former drug addict,very actively working with HIV-infected and Volodyan supplying condoms and needles to prostitutes.

In this series further - Road prostitute serves client.

Series of photos of AIDS orphans.

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