Thursday, November 5, 2009

Papercraft Perfection 10 Amazing Master Papercraft Artists

When a papercraft artist looks at a blank sheet of paper, they see a world of possibility in three dimensions. While the rest of us are scribbling notes, to-do lists or random doodles, these artists are forging works of architecture, machines, animals and the abstract. To celebrate the work of some of the world’s greatest papercraft artists, We compiled a collection of ten amazing paper folders– and some of their career’s best work.

1 Star Wars Papercraft Art

Fans of both Star Wars and papercraft should rejoice, as many of the classic vehicles of Star Wars have been reborn in paper. Take the AT-AT Walker above– this battlefield Hoth monster has been redesigned in paper to protect your desk while you are up and away. The Star Wars Papercraft Art series spans many vehicles from the films, including the Millenium Falcon, the AT-ST, the Tie Fighter and more.

2 Hole-OnEx DIY Papercraft Pinhole Camera

If you ever plan on experimenting with pinhole photography, why not do it in style? The Hole-Onex DIY Pinhole Camera makes your pinhole experiments as stylish (and fun) as possible. Just fold this paper into the form of the Hole-Onex, aim it at your preferred subject, open the shutter and snap it shut– you’ve got a lush Lomo-style photograph from a camera you built yourself… out of paper, nonetheless.

3 Won Park Dollar Bill Origami

Won Park is a special breed of papercraft artist who uses printed money as his palette. To his colleagues and himself, Won Park is a “money folder”, and his brilliant, compelling sculptures are built with the American dollar bill, not an 8.5?/11? sheet of legal paper. Mr. Park folds his money into beautiful forms, like the koi fish shown above, as well as the tank and camera in the gallery below. While “money folders” may be a rare offshoot from the art of papercraft itself, his work earns an important place in this list of amazing papercraft art.

4 Helen Musselwhite Papercraft Dioramas

With just a quick glance at her work, papercraft artist Helen Musselwhite is clearly a passionate perfectionist. Her papercraft dioramas spare no mistake, no miscalculation and no poor material. Mrs. Musselwhite’s work represents the spirit of nature in a paper diorama, with the animal world alive and busy amidst her art. The sheer detail and spacial awareness of Musselwhite’s papercraft is truly a thing to behold…

5 Dan McPharlin Vintage Synthesizer Papercraft

Dan McPharlin uses his art to exercise two strong passions in his life– one for papercraft, another for classic vintage synthesizers.This artist folds paper of different color and style to form the keys, knobs, faders and forms of classic synthesizers which shaped the progress of music in this century and the last. The Moogs, Korgs, Arps and Rolands of the 70s are alive again today in paper thanks to the brilliant work of a dedicated fan, Mr. Dan McPharlin himself.

6 Ingrid Siliakus Papercraft Architecture

Papercraft artist Ingrid Siliakus does not miss a detail. Her work rebuilds some of the world’s most recognizable architectural wonders– and also forges some of her very own. With an eye for symmetry and passion for clarity, Siliakus folds paper to create amazingly lifelike representations of classic architecture. Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao, a palace in Madrid and other abstract works grace her portfolio– which is large enough to warrant hours of pleasurable scrutiny…

7 Bert Simons Papercraft Sculpture Portraits

Life-like, line-heavy and decidedly creepy, the art of Bert Simons is truly unique. Mr. Simons crafts brilliant sculpture portraits with paper, printed from actual photographs and rebuilt in busts that resemble the real thing in a rather disturbing way. Simons’ work reflects the digital representation of humans from the early part of this decade– in games, digital films and otherwise. If you’re one of the few to have your face rebuilt in paper by Bert Simons, we can only imagine trying to sleep at night with a copy of yourself watching from across the room.

8 Shaz Madani Papercraft Typefaces

Instead of printing his refreshing typefaces on paper, artist Shaz Madani creates his typefaces with paper. Madani’s papercraft art leaps off the blank page in three dimensions, using the paper itself to carve out his solid works. While the typefaces he creates are technically simple and bold, it is the execution and styling of these fonts that separates his work from the rest.

9 Peter Callesen Subtractive Papercraft Sculptures

Peter Callesen is truly a master of papercraft, creating realistic three-dimensional sculptures from a single sheet of paper. His art is “subtractive”, in that he builds structure from two-dimensional space and leaves the scraps behind (that is, what little isn’t used in his art forms). Callesen will carve a single sheet of paper– and from the carvings create a full-sized skeleton falling from the paper itself, while leaving a dead tree in its’ paper wake. His art must be seen to be believed, and it would take more than these images to provide justice to his genius.

10 Richard Sweeney Geometric Papercraft

Paper folder Richard Sweeney exhibits an unparalleled passion for geometry and symmetry in his works. His paper art curves and folds into itself to create elaborate shapes that seem impossible to build with something as simple as paper. When looking at his art, you’ve got to imagine– what if one fold goes wrong? It appears to be back to the drawing (folding) board, as Sweeney’s works show no mistakes, no flaws and nothing more than paper perfection.

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