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First In The World

The world's first motorcycle (1885): Daimler "riding car"
The world's first motorcycle was designed and produced by German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Bad Cannstatt'e (Stuttgart). In essence, it was a motorized bicycle, although most of this thing called "innovators Reitwagen (" riding car "). This also was the first liquid-fuel powered vehicle.

The world's first electric built ... In 1884

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Wright Brothers Airplane

Orville and Wilbur Wright were born in 1871 and 1867. They spent a lot of their
time growing up studying all kinds of birds and how they flew.The
brothers noticed that birds fly with the wind, and manouver their
wings to turn the direction of their flight and the height. Over the
next three years, the two designed a bunch of different fliers, some
were kites and some were piloted, or controlled.They plotted and
drew out many designs and possible ways for a plane to work and
realized controlling it would be the hardest thing.

The world's first web server and website (1990): NeXT Computer CERN'e was the world's first web site, the web site address, created by Tim Berners-Lee was

The world's first computer mouse (1964), created by Douglas Engelbart

This mouse, made of wood, consisted of two wheels, located perpendicular to one another. This enabled the mouse to move in one axis.

The world's first digital camera (1975), created by Kodak engineer Steve Sasson

1975-s in December, Steve Sasson has created what later revoliucionavo snapshot: World first digital camera. It was tosterio size and had a black and white photographs of 100x100 resolution (0.01 megapixels). Photos, within 23 seconds was recorded to tape. Photo reading was developed a special computer and the tape reader, which you can view the images on TV. Each photo scan required 23 seconds.

The world's first MP3 player (1998): MPMan 32MB

Produced by Eiger Labs, had a 32MB internal memory, expandable to 64MB. The player cost 69 dollars + shipping costs. Dimensions: 91 x 70 x 16.5 mm.

The world's first skyscrapers (1885): house hedge pasatatas Chicago.

This 42-meter-high building, is considered the world's first skyscraper, the unusual architecture. Building demolished in 1931, and his place pullulate "Field Building. Now in the place LaSalle National Bank. It was the first house, a metal used in the construction and the inside and outside to strengthen the fire-resistant metal.

First World MOTELS (1925): "Motel Inn"

This motel is in San Luis Obispo, California. It was built by Los Angeles architect Arthur Heineman, who applied the term "motel" ( "motor hotel"). Then, the night in this motel cost 1.25 dollars. This motel does to this day.

The first X-ray photograph of the World (1895): The X-ray image, with hands

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Vurburgo physics professor at the University, late at night, one carried out experiments with electrical discharge. Since it was dark outside, he noticed on the walls glow. This radiation is called the "X". After several months of "playing" with the discovery of its rays, he observed that in front of them to help the objects on the wall consists of various images. Later, he used the plate and helped his wife's hand in front of radiation. For his discovery, Roentgen was awarded the Nobel prize for achievements in physics.
The world's first crossword puzzle (1913): Arthur Wynne invention

Arthur Wayne has worked in newspaper "the New York World", and every week had to come up comic puzzle department of "Fun." Yes, the December 21 date was printed on the conundrum, which he called "word-cross".

The world's first microprocessor (1971): Intel 4004

The Intel microprocessors has created three engineers: Federico Faggin, Ted Hoff, Stan Mázor. The invention changed the look of your computer: CPU share, memory, input and output control - everything in one store a small detail, so the computer has considerably decreased.

The world's first magazine (1731): GENTLEMEN Magazine

Edward Cave, editor of the Journal, signed on behalf of Sylvania Urban, the first given the term "magazine" (the magazine - in English.). The word stems from the Arabic "makazin" which means "warehouse".

The world's first photograph (1826): "The view through the window Gras'e"

The inventions of chemical and optical fields, allowed the emergence of the world's first photograph. French scientist Joseph Nicéphore Niépce this snapshot made their home. The window shows the second floor courtyard and surrounding buildings. This photograph was made by the addition of bitumen coated plate in the camera obscura, and keeping it on a windowsill for several hours.

The world's first novel (1007): Ganji story

More than a thousand years ago, the Japanese lady completed what is now considered the world's first novel. Lasting 75 years, with more than 350 players and filled with romance series, the novel tells the history of the emperor's son, his search for love and a lot of women, which he agrees way. It wrote the Japanese noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu.

The world's first album cover (1938): "Smash Song Hits by Rodgers and Hart"

23 years old designer Alex Steinweiss "invented" an album cover. Until then, the plate was dispersed paper autum

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