Sunday, January 8, 2017


Every year, National Geographic publishes the best pictures taken by photographers worldwide, and 2016 was no exception. Without further ado, we offer to you and take a look at these pictures, which can easily take you to distant lands and strange place right now.

Tamarin on the head of the girl bathing in the river in Yomibato Manu National Park, Peru

© Charlie Hamilton James

Diver and Tiger Shark in the Bahamas. This predator when hunting relies on the element of surprise, so is unlikely to attack the scuba diver, who looks at her

© Brian Scarry

Orangutan climbing a 30-meter height, tempted by the fruit of fig-strangler

© Tim Laman

The Norwegian research vessel drifting in the ice

© Nick Cobbing

Lightning illuminates the sky over the cranes. Shoal River Platte, Nebraska, USA

© Randy Olson

Ye Ye - giant 16-year-old panda. Volun Nature Reserve, China

© Ami Vitale

Flock of fish in the coral reefs in the coast of Cuba

© David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes

Turtles are trying to hide from the sun - or they simply roasted in its shell

© Thomas Peschak

A survey of the inhabitants of the Sundarbans region in India

© Brent Stirton

A baby white-bellied pangolin on its mother's back. Florida, United States

© Joel Sartor

To create this image "day-night" photographer needed to make 1036 staff for more than 26 hours on the mountainside in Yosemite National Park

© Stephen Wilkes

Temple of Athena Pronayi at dusk, the city of Delphi, Greece

© Vincent J.

Sharks are waiting for high tide in the lagoon of the atoll Aldabra, Seychelles

© Thomas P. Peschak

Grizzly-bear with cubs caused congestion. Alaska, United States

© Aaron Huey

Thermophiles painted Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park: these microorganisms have adapted perfectly to the boiling water

© Michael Nichols

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