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There are mobile phone runs on Coca-Cola
Daizi Zheng developed for Nokia mobile phone that runs on Coca-Cola! As strange as it may sound, it works, batteries generate electricity from carbohydrates (in this case sugar) contained in Coke. Therefore, the phone will also work on any other sugar-containing water.
The inventor says that in order to reduce environmental pollution in the concept was used in place of a biologically pure standard battery. Bio battery is a clean energy generates electricity from carbohydrates using enzymes as the catalyst.  In order to recharge your phone you only need the sweet water and while your phone is charging it will produce the same water and oxygen. Bio battery has the potential to operate three to four times longer than traditional lithium battery, being a non-polluting.

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Top of the most expensive in the world of mobile phones
Decided to buy himself a new mobile phone and can not find a suitable model? Then you have nothing to do here, since our site is unlikely to offer phone in that price segment, which will be available to  the vast majority of ordinary mortals on the planet . If the will of fate turned out so that you can not afford any of the following mobile phones, then we can only be happy for you! Then this post will have to could not be more helpful. So, one of the ten most expensive mobile phone!

10. Nokia Lamborghini 8800 Sirocco

 Ten most expensive in the world of mobile phones offers one of the cheapest in the category of handsets, which is positioned as a phone for the car brand Lamborghini owners. How to say the manufacturers of this device, Nokia 8800 Sirocco Lamborghini designed in the same style and design as the eponymous car . If you have a car Lamborghini - it does not matter. In fact, in the presence of a known desire this phone can afford and the owners of the car "Lada", as it is worth about two thousand dollars. However, it is unlikely you will be able to purchase this device in the salons of cellular communication, as it was released only five hundred models.

9. Gold Edition Nokia 8800

 Another relatively inexpensive modification of the Nokia 8800 - a device called the Gold Edition Nokia 8800. While no one argues that with this slider from Nokia must be accompanied by car brand Lamborghini, or, at worst, Ferrari, hardly Gold Edition Nokia 8800 applies to the list of those phones that you buy your little boy on the first of September.  Of course, this mobile phone packed with all those features that are commonly found in today's mobile phone. However, manufacturers of the apparatus do not focus on the functionality "dialer", and the fact that not only the apparatus body, but also the charger is covered with a thin layer of gold. The phone is relatively small - $ 2,700.

8. Motorola V220 Special Edition

 If you are already tired of reading about the above "cheap", we offer you the first in the list of the heavyweights in the category of the most expensive in the world of mobile phones. In fact, Motorola V220 Special Edition is an unremarkable model Motorola V220, which, thanks to a sophisticated fantasy Austrian designer Peter Aloyssona turned into expensive product, covered 1,200 of diamonds. Keyboard mobile phone encrusted with 18-carat gold. Although the cost of this unit is lower than the value shown below the phone, its unlikely snapping like hotcakes, as Motorola V220 Special Edition is worth 51,000 US dollars.

7. Vertu Diamond

 The owner of this mobile phone certainly is not only the thickness of the purse and the craving for expensive things, but the passion for jewelry. The fact that the Vertu Diamond, unlike many other models of Vertu (which can boast in the first place, excellent quality materials, high strength and durability), decorated with precious stones. The models under this brand are finished with 18-carat white or yellow gold.  If gold is not your figure, you can choose the Vertu Diamond, diamond-encrusted. If you're straight "sick" According telephone, do not rush to deny yourself the food, drinks and other pleasures of life in the next ten years, trying to accumulate the necessary amount of money. The fact that in this model there is no function of Bluetooth. How are you now going to share tunes with friends ?!

6. iPhone Princess Plus

 Phone Princess Plus is not only the brainchild of the late Steve Jobs, but all the same tireless Austrian designer Peter Aloyssona, which, as they say, adorned with precious stones first model of the mobile phone on request of one of the Russian businessmen. The product is apparently not only had to taste, but also a "kid loved", since the demand for this very expensive machine began to grow.  It is known that the designer has decorated phone case 318 th diamonds.  This 180 stones are characterized by a unique (read - expensive ) faceting. Generally, the quality and value of diamonds used in this work is so high that it is silly to mention the presence of a white gold there 750th sample. The result was quite a functional toy worth 176,400 US dollars.

5. VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone

 Is not it rather looks stilnenko this phone which, moreover, is a smartphone. VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone was made ​​with the active assistance of the famous Singaporean designer Jar Goh, who, judging by the cost of the phone models in the manufacture of which Goh took part, earning quite well. For example, the cost of this particular model of mobile phone  is nothing less than 300,000 American "green" . Why so expensive?Well, of course! After all, there is a 4-megapixel camera and EX 400 MHz processor! If that's not enough, then add to this the fact that the device was made ​​from a single piece of polycarbonate treated with the help of very expensive technology. And if that does not convince you, then priplyusuet titanium body with inlaid black diamonds.Well, now take?

4. Vertu Signature Cobra

 Besides the fact that this phone - is, first of all, Vertu, that to itself is expensive, Vertu Signature Cobra is decorated with diamonds, made ​​world-famous French jewelry house "Boucheron» (Boucheron). The founder of this, now the world, jewelry brand, Frederic Boucheron, for over a hundred years of peace in the grave, and the  products of its luxury shops every day becomes only more expensive . Cute snake, which spreads along the body of the phone consists of a 439-year-rubies, two emeralds faceted diamond jewelry and other joys of life. In all other Vertu Signature Cobra (310,000 US dollars) - a normal mobile phone (without a certain function Bluetooth!), Made of "eternal" materials. They say, for this device queues.Incidentally, he also calls!

3. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

 Three leaders of the most expensive mobile phone in the world opens up another masterpiece project from Peter Aloyssona. Well, people love to decorate phones doroguschy precious stones, what can you do! Diamond Crypto Smartphone boasts a navigation button, made ​​of a unique rose gold, the center of which is beautiful diamond 18K.  All other metal parts of the phone are cast from pure platinum. Present in the design of a mobile phone is not only conventional diamonds, but diamonds are blue color with cut doroguschy . The device uses the operating system Windows CE. By the way, the phone was assembled by the Russian company (however, it is difficult to say, this is a plus or minus). Oh, and believe me ...:-kerchief play patience on this screen is a pleasure!

2. GoldVish Le Million

 Second place among the most insanely expensive in the world of mobile phones firmly holds masterpiece mobile-jewelry industry called GoldVish Le Million. This creation was formalized jewelers in Switzerland. At one time, thanks to a combination of the most expensive diamonds, white gold and crocodile leather of the highest quality, GoldVish Le Million entered the Guinness Book of Records . Needless to say that the work of art (which is a mobile phone and a call not dare!) Was made ​​just a few copies. However, if you have extra lying around 1.3 million US dollars (and that is how much worth this phone), its producers are unlikely to give this to the customer and will make one more unit of a good. As the saying goes, every whim for your money!

1. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Within ten months of hard Hags Stewart, the famous jeweler from England, on the production of components and design of the most expensive "dialer" in the world called Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme. The weight of gold that was spent on the production of this phone, worth 3.2 million US dollars, more than the weight of almost any existing mobile phone assembly.  But apart from the yellow metal phone was decorated with two hundred diamonds.  Even the Apple logo is made ​​up of 53 ex-precious stones. And it's not the whole list of jewelry "bloat" that boasts this unit. But this is not the most amazing thing when it comes to this phone! The most amazing thing is that no one asks whether it has Bluetooth and how many megapixels the camera has ...

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Indian clothing - collection of all types of clothing that produce and are within India, which are an integral part of Indian culture and the world.
Clothing in India varies from region to region and depends on the ethnic, geographical and climatic characteristics of the region, as well as the cultural traditions of the peoples inhabiting it. Historically, men's and women's clothes have evolved from simple langot (Indian loincloths for men) and conventional loincloths to well-designed costumes, which envelop the entire body, not just used for everyday wear, but also on the occasion, as well as for the performance of rituals and dances . In the cities, nearly all segments of the population are of Western-style clothes. Indian clothing has a great variety of colors and materials. Color code depends on the religious and ritual studies. For example, Indians wearing white clothes - it's a sign of mourning, while Christians and Parsis clothes that color usually dress for the wedding.
Traditional clothing for men in India are considered Shervani , Lung , kurta , dhoti or pajamas .
Dhoti (Hindi धोटी, dhoṭī ) - traditional form of menswear, widespread in South and Southeast Asia, particularly in India. Is a rectangular strip of fabric length of 2-5 m, wraps around the legs and thighs with one end passing between the legs. Typically using white or color fabric, sometimes ornamented on the edge. In wearing the form of a narrow resembles short shorts or trousers. In southern India and in Punjab dhotis traditionally worn as a skirt-plowing.
Length dhoti could be a sign of caste differences: the members of the higher castes, usually had long dhoti, at the lower castes - a shorter, better suited for the job.
File: Dhotis in Delhi.jpg
Dhoti - is artfully draped, loin clothes Indian men. Dhoti Dhoti is a rectangular strip of fabric, usually a length of 5 meters, white or other solid color. Different languages ​​of India it is known by different names. So in Punjabi - is laacha, Bengali - dhuti, Tamil - Veştem, and Malayalam - Mundu. There are different ways of draping a dhoti, but there is a common style. Draperies do not start from the edge, and from the middle of the piece of fabric. The central part of the fabric is wrapped around the hips and tied in front of a node. The left end of the fabric, folded in pleats, wrapped around the left leg and the belt is laid back, and right draped in folds and lays ahead for the belt. dhoti kurta in northern India dhoti worn with  Kurta  (long shirt). This combination is referred to as "dhoti kurta". In South India, dhoti dress with angavashtram  (cape on the shoulders). In some parts of the country men wear  lungi  (cloth strip length of 2 meters and a width of 1.5), which are sewn together like a skirt or simply worn tied at the waist. Most often dhoti dress for the holidays and family celebrations. Some men, though they are not much prefer it dhoti and wear it every day. Western style permeates everything stronger in India, and for most men a dhoti was home clothes, primarily because of the convenience. Lungi, also known as a sarong -Traditional clothes in India. Mundu - is essentially a lungi, which differs from it in that it is completely white. It can tuck into the waist and length is reduced to the level of the knees or left free, where length is the ankles. Usually Mundu tuck when a person is working on the field or in the shop and leaves open as a sign of respect, being in places of worship or when the person is next to the dignitary.

Lungi, basically, there are two types: open and stitched lungi lungi. Open lungi - a simple fabric of cotton or silk, whereas crosslinked lungi has two open ends which are sewn together in a tube.
Although lungi is mostly worn by men, older women also prefer to wear it with other types of clothing with good aeration. Lungi is most popular in South India, although you can also see in these clothes of people in countries such as Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Somalia, due to the very hot and humid climate, which makes it impossible to comfortably wear pants, though they are increasingly being used for formal dresses. Lungi Kurt  - a long, wide shirt, the length of which reaches the knees, but may be  a little shorter. Depending on personal preference, kurta can be worn with  churidarami , narrow pants, a cut specially long legs to form on the lower leg folds resembling bracelets. Also wear it with wide  shalwar  (trousers) and  Paju - wide, loose pants, nezauzhennymi down.

Kurt is a versatile piece of clothing that is worn in both formal and informal occasions.Traditional kurt has no collar and recess typically located on the chest. Today, however, it has undergone significant changes. There is an amazing variety of choice kurta different quality and style of weaving. In the summer of preferred kurta cotton and silk, and winter demand heavy fabrics such as wool or  khadi (hand-spun cloth of threads on a spinning wheel called Charkha (charkha), which serve as raw material for cotton, wool and silk). Buttons traditional wood and metal are not sutured, but rather attached to the fabric. Embroidered and jeweled, Kurt, is a traditional Indian clothing, enjoys increasing popularity in other countries.
For men: a dhoti (a rectangular strip of fabric length of 2-5 m, is wrapped around the hips like pants, with one end passing Mezhuyev feet) or trousers and a kurta (a cross between a long jacket and shirt, worn untucked, you can use the dense monochromatic shirt): The social status of the men displayed a length dhoti: the dhoti longer, the higher the status.

Shervani  - is a long coat, fastened to the collar. Its length can be obychnonizhe knee. It adds charm and grace especially tall men. The Indians do not skimp when buying Shervani on the occasion of celebrations and weddings. Shervani usually wear with  shalwar (trousers) or  churidarami (narrow pants).
The origin can be traced Shervani, back in the days of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. By the end of the XVIII century. almost every man wore Shervani. To date, there are huge variations of styles and models of the costume. Shervani sewn from silk or satin and decorated with embroidery, sequins and mirrors. In Pakistan Shervani is a national clothes, with government officials are Shervani black. While in India, men wear Shervani mainly at family celebrations.
   Indian Groom's marriage Clothes Indian Groom's marriage Clothes

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